Monday, September 5, 2011

9/11 - Ten Year Anniversary

   The 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is just around the corner.

   The NatGeo channel on Dish Network has been playing several programs dedicated to the events of that day and the days following. Several other channels will have similar programs that will air.

   This is just my humble opinion, but we need to watch these. We need to be reminded what religious extremism and fanaticism can lead to.

   I've often wondered what is behind the thinking of those who planned and perpetrated these attacks. Everyone agrees that hatred plays a big role. I agree but I also think that there is something more at work here.

   We in the USA have grown up with the freedoms that our founding fathers sacrificed, fought and died for. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to keep and bear arms, freedom of assembly. We've been fighting wars since that time to keep these freedoms and we are today and will in the future.

   Some countries do not have these rights. These countries tell their citizens what to do, what to think and what to believe.  Some countries are theocracies, that is, a country that is led by religious leaders.

   In our own country we have seen the "True Believers" who warp their religious credos into what they believe 'their' scriptures mean. Many use their interpretations to fleece those who follow them. Others use their beliefs to instigate violence, bigotry or hate against others. The splinter sects of those who planned the 9/11 attacks and those attacks that followed around the world have warped their religion to believe that theirs is the only true religion and all others are infidels and must be eradicated.

   Besides hatred, I think that there is a lot of envy behind the attacks. We have a system that works. We have the ethos of live and let live and it works. I have friends of different faiths and friends that only believe in what they can see and hear and touch. They are still my friends and their beliefs are what make them unique.

   When you are born in a desolate sandbox and spend your formative years listening to the religious leaders telling you the same thing from day one, when you are brought up in an insular society with no exposure to other faiths and points of view, it's easy to understand how extremism can develop.

   You want to be different. You want to be valued as a person. You want to be an individual. What better way than to listen to someone who spouts firery rhetoric and is telling you that you are God's warrior and you can live with Him in glory forever. You just have to strap on a vest full of explosives and blow yourself up on a bus in a neighboring country inhabited by unbelievers who need to die anyway.

   I pity those who have such a closed view of the world, who believe that it has to be their way or death.

   This is an awful big planet that we live on and there are a great many people who live here. We need to learn to get along or we'll really make a mess of things.

   I know that this has nothing to do with being a geezer, but I have my opinions too and this is something that everyone needs to consider and learn.

Take it from The Geezer: We're all in the same boat so let's all sit down and stop rocking it or we'll all drown.


  1. Good posting. I for one find the upswing of religeous intolerance, hateful and biggoted talk in our country disturbing. It seems as if common sense, courtesy, and civil discourse are a thing of the past. He who rants the loudest gets the attention. I love my country, I served my country in the military....but lately I feel as if everyone is going crazy. I worry.

  2. We need to keep on our toes or it will happen again. I say bomb them back to the stone age... oh, wait a minute. They're there already!


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