Monday, September 5, 2011

Cats! I Hate Cats!

   Yeah, I know. Lots of folks LOVE the furry little vermin. Not me.

   Maybe I should explain myself. The cats I hate are feral cats. Those cats that society has abandoned and that have reproduced without end. Those that are foraging on their own. Wild cats... Vermin!

   Let's go back in time about 10 years. We had a pair of kittens that we fed so that they would stick around our home and kill mice. We live out in the country - 7 miles from the nearest town. We have mice.

   Eventually the cats were able to get under our house where they went forth and multiplied like... mice or mink or mathematicians. After a year or so we had a lot of cats. The most we could count at any one time was 17. To me, that's a lot! To a psycho 'Cat Lady" that's just breeding stock.

   We stopped feeding them in hopes that they would just go elsewhere to live. No such luck. Then we noticed that they were getting 'pesky'. They got into the heating ducts under the house and started running the length of the house in their little tin tunnels. We'd hear their little claws tappy tappy tappy on the tin. They'd fight in there. They'd procreate in there - often. We finally flushed them out by dumping a few moth balls down through the heat vents but we suffered from the odor for a few weeks also.  They tore up the telephone lines under our house, so we had to call AT&T to re-route the lines so we would have phone service. $$$

   We trapped them in the 'live catch' traps so as not to hurt the poor little beasts. I would transport them to ranches in the area and turn them loose. Just a couple of them came back. Other times I would take them out in the wilderness to let them make friends with the coyotes. They didn't come back. Often times, I would take them into town and let them go there. I still recognize a couple of them on occasion.

   The cats that came back were trapped a second time. I made sure that the didn't come back again. Sorry but they are vermin.

   We haven't had any cats around here for a couple of years but getting them "Taken Care Of" has been a chore costing countless hours and Dollars. Because of them we now heat our home with electric space heaters during the Winter. We have no furnace. They destroyed the duct work.

   Anything that was vertical under the house was used as a scratch post and was destroyed. This included the phone lines (as mentioned above) and the insulation on the water line coming into the house, which promptly froze the next winter. It's all repaired now, thank you very much.

   I have only had one pet during my adult life and that was a dog named Gunny. He was half Chow Chow and half German Shepherd. Great friend. He was as loyal as they come and smart. I got him from my little sister who could no longer keep him. He passed away a few years after I took him from my Sis. If you get the impression that he was a family member, well... he was.

   Cats, on the other hand - not so much.

   Take it from The Geezer: If you want a friend, get a dog. If you want a headache... well, you know.



  1. I've had cats, but dogs, my loyal mini-minions....yea....I agree. I'd rather have a dog. Dogs were the first animal to be domesticated, mankind and dogkind have evolved together to develop the ability to read and understand each other. Cats however just live in the same space, maybe, or maybe they are from another planet...the one that the aliens came from that didn't teach the Mayans how to make paper? Perhaps cats were the big cosmic joke. Sorry to the cat lovers out there...but dogs are the cats meow as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Awwww! Don't shoot the kitty.


  3. Well brother, I have to disagree. I am and always have been a cat lover. dogs not so much. I have never had any problems with my cats. For me dogs are too much work. I love my cats. <3 Lori


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