Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hollywood Movie Remakes

   I hate it when Hollywood comes out with a "Remake" of a previously made feature flick.

   The latest that I've seen advertised is for the "New Footloose" as if the old one was anything to write home about!

   Some movies that I can recall that have been "Remade" are these: "The Postman Always Rings Twice", "The Incredible Hulk", "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "Titanic" (under various names), "True Grit", the first three "Star Wars" movies were "Re-Introduced" with upgrades and previously deleted scenes. "Cleopatra" has been remade at least 3 times and I read that a 4th remake starring Angelina Jolie is coming up. I know. You can't wait.

   I'm sure that you can think of many more than I can since I'm a Geezer and my memory is slipping down a steep slope. (Say that 10 times real fast!)

   I turned the television on and watched a recent Science Fiction film that had a very familiar theme and then it struck me that it was a remake of "Dances With Wolves". I've seen this film about four times and this is the first time I made the connection. Both films are about a disenfranchised soldier who goes to the frontier and is accepted by the natives, falls in love with a native girl and finally fights against his own kind after being assimilated into the native culture. The film I'm talking about, of course is "Avatar".

   I actually liked both of these films and have them on VHS and DVD.

   There have been many films that are modern updates of Shakespeare plays but you can't really call them "remakes" since the media are different. I get it that new ideas are really scarce in Hollywood these days and they have to resort to the remake. I get that. Really!

   What I don't understand is why no one is making movies from any of the thousands of books that have strong and exciting stories that seem to be ideal for a film. 

   How many times have you read a book and thought, "Boy, someone should make a movie out of this"? It actually happened to a favorite book that I've read: "Jumper" by Steven Gould. The movie was so far from the original story so as to be unrecognizable. It sucked! It would have been better if they had made it word for word from the book!

Take it from The Geezer: The silver screen isn't what it used to be. It should be called the "Green Screen" because that's what the Hollywood movers and shakers are really after! Your green.


  1. Yeah! We go to the theater and spend $20 to get in then another $20 for snacks and drinks just to watch a movie that isn't near as good as the first one.
    what's up with that?

  2. Dude! Dances With Wolves and Avatar! You're right! Same story different times. Awsome!

  3. Another one that was remade was Moby Dick...and of course Christmas Carole...tho I did like the Muppet version. I agree though there are just so many great books out there....half the time though I cringe thinking of what would happen if they really did get trashed in Hollywood.


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