Friday, September 30, 2011

Really (really) Random Thoughts

   I'm a member on a couple of different forums. It often amuses me when I see a particularly amusing quotes in the signature line. Here are four that I sometimes see:

"Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a night. Set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life"...      Dante
"The problem with quotations on the Internet is that you can never tell if they're authentic"...      Abraham Lincoln

"Mumrff abroonnsh arff fringhet karfoomp"...       Helen Keller

"Never knock at Death's door. Just ring the bell and run away. He hates that!" ...  Methusula

   Yeah, I know. They may not be politically correct but I don't care... They're funny, huh?

   It's the end of September and Autumn is here. I didn't get to do a lot of the things that I would have liked this past summer. Sometimes life gets in the way of fun and you gotta do what you gotta do. You know?

   Now seriously:

   The recent death of the AlQueda leader Anwar al Awlaki (?), who had been under surveillance for upward of six months seems to have met his demise just when a few political points needed to be made in Washington, D.C. for Big O. Coincidence? Don't think so. A ruckus will be made since the guy was an American Citizen, regardless of his actions and politics, is it okay for the Government to assinate one of it's own on foreign soil? Really?

   Now that the economy is in the crapper, we see more and more inducements in the media to continue school or to go back to school for higher education. May as well keep the teachers working and the students away from the unemployment lines. That'll work...

   The border wars with the Mexican Drug cartels is reaching actual "Warlike" status as shooting deaths on both sides of the border with Mexico are on the increase. Let's put the jobless to work. This is all but a shooting war, undeclared as it is. Nothing that a bit of firepower wouldn't cure.

   The greening of left wing America. Everyone wants to "Save the Planet". Really? If we even tried to, we couldn't do the planet that much harm. What the environmentalists proclaim as a "Hole in the Ozone Layer" and "Global Warming" are natural occurrences that have happened before and will happen again. These are just a part of the natural life-cycle of planet Earth. It's just that no one was around the last time who knew what was happening. Studies of the rings in ancient Bristlecone Pine trees show that this has happened before, so let's not get our pantyhose in a bunch. (I wonder where that phrase came from?).

   I'm ashamed that I know where the phrase "Dog and Pony Show" originates. You hear it used all over in the media and in conversations from coast to coast. If everyone knew the origins they'd be ashamed to use it in public or mixed company (that dates me, right there).
   The origin: In the 30s and 40s in towns just over the Mexican border, where servicemen would go to spend their money whilst on leave, they would find a "Dog and Pony Show". That would involve those animals and a woman (usually an older prostitute) who really needed the money. Not a nice picture, but that's a dog and pony show. Now that you know, you can eliminate it from your vocabulary.

Take it from The Geezer: Sometimes folks do things for strange reasons that aren't always apparent. It pays to do a bit of homework to keep yourselves informed.

Edited: 10/7/11 to include 4th quote.



  1. Dog an pony show! Who knew?
    Sounds kinky and just wrong on so many levels but back in the day ill bet sailors spent a lotta bucks to see one. Today womens rights gals would be all over that like white on rice.


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