Tuesday, September 13, 2011

These Things Really Drive Me Nuts!

   Everyone has their pet peeves.

   You know, those things that others do or say that just get under your skin. Those little things that make you just want to grab someone by the neck and choke them till they stop wiggling. Okay, maybe in your mind but not really... (unless no one was looking).

   Pet peeves usually fall into two categories:  Things people do and things people say. Let's talk about the things that people do that I find very annoying.

   Here in Nevada we have a lot of wide open space. Where I live is 70 miles from the next town over. Long straight stretches of road lie between here and there. 

   I hate it when another car passes me and they can see for a mile ahead that there is no other car coming but yet they find it necessary to pull directly in front of my vehicle causing me to have to slow down to keep from tailgating. Hate it. (It also seems like they're all from the Left Coast.)

   I hate it when I have to listen to one side of someone else's cell phone conversation. Why do they feel the need to inflict their perceived importance upon society as a whole and me personally?  Yes, I hate it.

   Another thing I really hate is when some young (whippersnapper) kid drives around slowly with their stereo blaring through their sub-woofers so loud that you can see their entire vehicle vibrate with the noise! How do they keep the fenders from vibrating loose? Yeah, I hate that too!

   Let's go to the things that people say that irritate me (time to open the flood gates!).

   I feel that I've had a pretty comprehensive education. Through high school and a few years of college. An education.

   Listen to the commercials on the tube for on-line colleges and universities. The announcers always pronounce the word 'Education' as if it has a 'G' or a 'J' in it: "Ed-Ja-Kay-Shun"!
   Really? It's "Ed-You-Kay-Shun" you morons! Get one!
   It really bothers me when some folks misuse words. They think the word means one thing when it actually means something else.
   As an example: The word "Decimate" as in "The enemy army was decimated". The literal meaning of the word "Decimate" means to reduce something by 10%.
   Common usage makes it out to mean that a force was completely wiped out. Maybe so, but it sounds strange to me.

   The words "Continual" and "Continuous" do not mean the same thing. They are not interchangeable. Another example of this is "Farther" and "Further". The one that really gets me is the misuse of "Imply" and "Infer". The speaker implies and the listener infers. Simple. Learn it!

   The last example of word misuse is one that I hear so often that I almost don't even pay attention to it anymore: "Difficult" and "Hard". Hard is almost always substituted for difficult. "Difficult" applies to a strenuous or non-easy task. "Hard" refers to a tactile sensation. Otherwise many men would get difficult-ons. See? they're not interchangeable.

   That wasn't too hard, was it?

   Okay, this last example has to do not so much with the words themselves but with the way they're delivered. I'm referring to what I call the "Declarative-Interrogative" statement.

   You've heard it before. Lots of times. You may even use it yourself. It occurs when someone makes a statement but ends it with the uprising lilt at the end which would indicate that it was a question when it actually isn't. As if the speaker is telling you something in a way that they're not quite sure that you understand them, or are following their train of thought and they're constantly checking to see if you are still with them.
   It's difficult to actually write an example of this kind of speech since the printed word doesn't lend itself well to speech inflections. The best example I can give is to watch the movie "Valley Girl". Yeah, it's the valley girl accent.

   I'm very sure that I will think of an entire new list of pet peeves as soon as I post this and that in itself is one of my pet peeves. I'm a Geezer and my memory isn't all that it once was. Sometimes it's hard for me to remember things - difficult, too!

   Take it from The Geezer: Old age isn't what it's cracked up to be but at least I'm retired!

Edit: 9/16/11 - I knew I'd think of more!

   Another thing I hate is when at some sporting event, some "Celebrity" sings the US National Anthem and puts their own "interpretation" on it. Usually making it sound like some Rock or Soul version. Sing it like it's written and show some respect! Please?




  1. One of my pet peeves are the "warped words" that you have to type to post comments....sometimes you just can't figure out the letters...that makes me feel like a fool, even worse is when you find youself thinking "what does that word mean" - when the "warped word" almost, just almost seems like it should be a real word...just like the one I'm looking at "entivel" - seems like it should mean something, don't you think?


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