Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome to my world!

     Man, I'm too old for this. I never thought that I'd live to the ripe age of 63. I've been retired since the end of 2010.

     When I was in my late teens, I saw 2001 - A Space Oddity. I started to figure how old I would be in 2001 (53 if my math was right). I made it to that one but that was fairly easy.

     Back in the day, after the assassination of JFK they (whomever "they" are) said that the full record of the details of the Warren Commission wouldn't be made public for 50 years. That's coming due in 2013 and I think I'm gonna make it to that one, too, unless all the doomsayers are right this time and the world ends in December of 2012. (more on this later)

     In my mind I'm still 21 or so. In actuality, I have arthritis, diabetes and I'm under tall. I see doctors on a regular basis and I need a machine to help me breathe while I sleep. I take all of this in stride because I have no choice.

     I still enjoy many of the things that I did in my younger days. I still ride a motorcycle. I still like to go camping and fishing and I go hunting occasionally. I still like to watch TV and read books. I'm a college graduate, a former law enforcement officer and I'm retired from the Postal Service without having gone postal (It was touch and go there for the last 6 months). I'm also a veteran having served proudly in the United States Coast Guard.

     I'm married and have been for almost 35 years. My wife, for the most part thinks I'm nuts. The rest of the time she tries to get me to do yard work (which I hate because of allergies), cooking, cleaning, driving and hauling bags to and from the car when we travel. We love each other and these are the things you do for someone you love. That's one of the things I've learned in the last 34 years. It's what I've been taught.

     In coming posts I will let you in on a few secrets that I've been privy to, things that I've discovered and experiences that have shaped my life and way of thinking.  I'll give you my opinions whether you want them or not on a wide variety of subjects.  Until that time...

     The Geezer wants you to be safe and keep your loved ones close, cuz you just never know...


  1. Funny, funny, funny. Will read this keep up the work..

  2. Steve, this is awesome. Why did I not know you were doing this before now? I have to catch up :)

    LOri Rae


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