Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy Wall Street?

   We are currently seeing people from all over the world protesting against "Big Business" in the "Occupy Wall Street" craze.

   I have to ask: What really are you protesting against? What are you so angry about? Are you angry because "Big Business" (I'll just call it 'BB' for now on to save my fingers from cramps) is making more money than you? Are you angry that BB CEOs are being paid exorbitant salaries and you're not? Are you angry because BB seems to have stuff that you do not?

   If so, you should go to this link and watch the short opinion/editorial video called "Three and a Half Days".

   Here's the link:

   The video clip is 5 minutes and 27 seconds long. This is such a short time to invest in order to get right down to the actual roots of this protest movement. It is, in effect, saying that these protesters are "Cutting off their collective noses to spite their face(s)" as the saying goes.

   This goes to illustrate that we have come to the point in our society - In the USA and worldwide - where we feel "Entitled" to receive the perceived necessities of life. We have become such an urbanized society of consumers that we have forgotten where our bread, milk and meat come from. We despise the oil companies but love our plastics and gasoline. We are a society of hypocrites.

   If anything, we should be grateful to BB for doing for us those things that we can no longer, or are unwilling to do for ourselves.

   We can do away with big business if we want. We just have to stop the consumption of everything BB produces and sells to us. We should go back to being an agrarian society or become hunter-gatherer nomads who only consume what we grow, find or kill. We need to go out and make our own 4-G iPhones and Hybrid automobiles from rocks and sticks!  That'll show them greedy buggers! That'll teach them capitalist fools that they can't push us around! Yeah, right! Just how much does being a protester pay, anyway?


   As The Geezer, I have to say that I'm happy to have Big Business around. I'm getting too old to run down and kill a bunny rabbit!

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  1. The clip from the PJTV site is an eye-opener! Thanks for that!


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