Sunday, October 30, 2011

Uncle Sam Loves Me!

   I know that it's true!

   How do I know, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's a matter of deductive reasoning: If Uncle Sam didn't love me, why would he make me wear my seat belt? Why would he insist that I not talk on my cell phone while I drive? Why does he make me wear my helmet when I ride my motorcycle? He loves me, that's why!

   It's not just me... he loves us all! He must!

   He insists that we all get inoculated against diseases while we are young. He makes us strap our children into automotive child seats whenever we drive. He makes car makers install air bags in all new cars.  Everyone wears helmets when they ride bicycles and horses these days. All this so we can live longer and safer lives. He wants us live long enough to pay lotsa taxes!

   But at what cost?

   We lose some of our freedoms. We lose the freedom to make our own choices regardless of the consequences.

   We lose the freedom of choice.

   If I choose to ride my bike without my helmet, I should have the freedom to do so without interruption from the police.

   When I was a kid, we would ride in the back seat of our pre-1968 Detroit land boat without the benefit of seat belts. I would often lie on the rear window deck (ask your grandpa) as we went down the road, oblivious to the fact that if my Dad hit the brakes, I would have flown at least as far as the windshield. There were no padded dashboards back then - solid steel, baby!

   I have NEVER worn a helmet while riding a bicycle. Until I was in my 20s, I had NEVER seen anyone wear a helmet while riding a horse.

   Kids were not required to ride in child seats - they were for sissy kids! Real kids rode like a pack of monkeys in a box going down the road at 70 MPH!

   Yee Haw!

   Did people die in car wrecks back then? You bet they did! Lots of em'!

   Back before we had safety rules and regulations to "Protect" us, many, many more folks were killed doing things that we now take for granted. What's wrong with that?  These days I see a lot of people that should not reproduce.  You know the ones I mean. I'm sure you've seen them wandering the aisles at WalMart in the late/early hours of the day like poorly dressed zombies in a REALLY bad horror movie.

   Back in the day, these folks would have died off at an early age due in a big part to stupidity. Yeah, I said it!  As Ron White says: "You can't fix stupid!"

   It's the same reason that wolves pick off the weak and sickest of the herds:

   Only the smartest and healthiest should survive. That's what makes a people, a society strong.

   The Geezer knows that the herd needs thinning. We have way too many folks out there that, but for Uncle Sam's intervention would have kicked the bucket a long time ago.


  1. There's some wise words in this one, geezer! There's a diffrence 'tween ignorant and stupid. Dumb can be fixed with a little school time but stoopid lasts forever. I've seen guys who were so smart it was scary but couldn't tie their own shoes.

  2. Good one....I agree. Too many people from the shallow end of the gene pool.

    Le Petite Crone


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