Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's Up With All the Vampires?

   When I was a child (around 12 years of age) I read Bram Stoker's "Dracula". Probably one of the creepiest novels that I had ever read. I'd seen the movie that was made in the 30s with Bela Lugosi but I'd never realized that it had come from a book. When I found out, I couldn't wait to read it.

   Then I found out that other classic horror movies were from books and I read them also. Books like "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley and "The Invisible Man" and "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. I loved (and still do love) scary movies! There's something fundamental about being frightened and startled. It's exhilarating!

   These days scary movies are more slasher movies than anything "Artful" like in the olden days, back before the turn of the century. Before I became The Geezer.

   Lately there has been such a plethora of vampire-themed films, TV programs and books that are anything but scary. They are marketed as horror-romance stories. What the heck is going on? What's up with that? Why women find the idea of some un-dead freak sucking their blood until they die sexy or romantic is beyond me. I'm from a different generation but I'll attempt to figure this all out. Just stick with me for a minute or two, okay?

   Some of the more recent vampire films that I've seen that I care to comment on are Ann Rice's "Diary of a Vampire" which I found kinda funny and a bit gritty in the way the "Vampire Life(?)" was portrayed. I liked the Dracula films  which starred Jack Pallance in one, and Frank Langella in the other. Both were fairly faithful to the original book. Another that I liked was "Shadow of the Vampire" with Willem DaFoe. Creepy, that!

   On TV we have the "Vampire Chronicles", "True Blood" and "Being Human". I just found another one! "My Babysitter's a Vampire". Really?... There are others, I'm sure but I just am not interested enough to search them out. Then there are the "Twilight" films which portray vampires differently than the classic bloodsucker. If you're going to have vampire stories, stick to the rules! Vampires don't "Glisten" in the sunlight, they burst into flames! Read Dracula!

   Most females from little girls to grown women (who should know better) swoon at the thought of being with the "Twilight" vamps. Yechh!

   It's my belief, and this is totally unsupported by anything but my own thoughts, that society today teaches young women that they have to be unique or special somehow in order to be someone of worth. To be loved and valued. They believe that if you can't be beautiful you have to be special. How can you be more special than to be a vampire? ....  Really? Vampires suck.

   Think about it. You never see a movie, TV program or magazine without beautiful girls and women on the covers, as the main character. TV commercials seldom show women and girls who are plain unless it's the "Before" picture in some kind of comparison. Makeover programs depend on this fact. No one would watch if they took a plain looking girl and made her over into... a plain girl. Everyone wants to be special.

   If any girls or young women read this, please understand - You Are Special! You Are Unique! You are someone worth knowing! You are someone who is worthy of someone else's love!

   Don't pin your hopes and dreams on a vampire coming to your rescue and sweeping you away to a life filled with romance. It won't happen. Vampires don't exist. Honest! They really don't!  (Zombies on the other hand....)

   I have been married to my wonderful wife for almost 35 years. If I can find love and happiness and have it last this long, looking the way I do... well, I'm positive that you certainly can!

   If you want to read some words of wisdom from a very talented lady check out Le Petite Crone's Musings (Le Petite Crone means The Little Old Lady). You'll see her link on the right hand side of this screen in My Blog List. I've known her all her life. Actually, I once dropped her on her head when she was a baby. It explains a lot. She's my little Sister.

   Take it from The Geezer: If you want to be unique and special, girls and boys, develop your own skills. Stay in school. Get a good education. Take up a career doing something to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Do that and I guarantee, you'll be remembered. What could be more special than THAT?


  1. Lost my girlfriend to a vampyre. He wasn't a 'real' vampyre, just a wanna-be.

    He sucks!

  2. Dear Geezer - I have ALWAYS thought you were "special"......
    Seriously though, you are so correct. Body image, especially with women/girls, is such a serious problem. Many young girls feel they have to be skinny, big boobed, pouty lipped sex animals to be pretty. It's sad.
    Le Petite Crone


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