Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's Wrong With These Kids Today?

I'll tell you!

   When I was a child and into my early teens, there was so much speculation that children's behaviour was being influenced by "Rock and Roll" music. It was from the Devil!... Little did we know! The music, lyrics, video games, etc. that we have today are so far more damaging to children's behaviour than was ever imagined back in the 50s and 60s.

   But that's not what I wanted to talk about here. What I intended to write about here is really, what is wrong with these kids?

   We have children who suffer from ADD, ADHD, Autism, Food Allergies and any number of other ailments that were never seen when I was a kid.  They may have been present but were classified as "High Strung" or "Inattentive" and were dealt with. There was no "No Child Left Behind" statute. Kids that couldn't cut it were sent to "Special Education" classes or dropped out of school when they got old enough. Someone had to work in car washes and at McDonalds, after all.

   These are all recognized today as legitimate diseases by the medical community. They are treated with drugs rather than taught how to behave in the company of others or given the necessary intensive teaching.

   Maybe I'm wrong here, but I'm a Geezer and I have my own ideas.

   It all stems from the introduction of Credit Cards. WHAT? You heard me. Credit Cards. This is my theory...

   Credit cards were introduced by Diner's Club International in the 1950s. Other organizations like American Express and the major banks followed suit. Soon afterward, the American Family that didn't have at least one credit card was considered "Old Fashioned" or flat out poor.

   So what does this have to do with the childhood diseases of the next millennium? Follow along:

   Credit Cards made it way too easy for a family to get into debt. I'm sure this is no secret to anyone today but in the late 50s and early 60s, family debt was something new. Generally the only major debt were for a house and a car. Now we see families $50,000 in debt for buying clothing and video game systems (on their credit cards). Back then The man of the house was the sole earner. The breadwinner. With the new CC debt, it made it necessary to have two jobs or for the wife and/or mother to go to work and become a two income family. Once a family becomes accustomed to the second income, it is all but impossible to give it up since with more money comes more debt.

   This gave rise to the day care facility and the boom in baby sitters. Someone had to watch the kids while Mom went to work. This caused more and more infants to be fed with "Formula" rather than being breast fed.

   Everyone knows (now) that the infant gets it's immune system fortified by mother's milk through breast feeding. No breast feeding - no immune system upgrades! A weak immune system equals greater instances of childhood disease and a vulnerability to whatever was "Going Around".

   Okay, you say. Some (?) kids do have a lower defense against disease so how does that translate to Autism, ADD, ADHD and so many others?

   As more people entered the job market, they needed transportation and this lead to the two car family. Many more cars on the road translates to more air pollution and more toxins in the air. Food was no longer fresh veggies and meat but pre-packaged mixes and canned goods. Think about the advent of the TV Dinner. They were developed at just about the same time and were beloved of mothers who didn't have time to cook for the family. This new packaged food contained additives to maintain color and was packed with preservatives. These were usually chemicals that had been hastily developed for the purpose. Combine this with a substandard immune system and you have a formula for what we see today. There are other factors that enter into this, I know, but I believe that this is the root cause.

   Parents who don't let their kids play and get dirty is another cause. Modern kids haven't been exposed to germs the way I was when I was a child. It's a way that we become acclimatized to our environment. When I was a child, I'd help in the barn cleaning cow manure from the floor, often using my hands, then go to the apple orchard, pick and eat a green apple then hand a half to my little sister. Never washing my hands in the process or rubbing up with a pocket-sized bottle of Purelle. Germs! Ahhh, lovely germs!

   Today we use antibacterial gel. Now you can get it a dispenser that you don't even have to touch! Air sanitizers, latex gloves for household use so you don't have to touch anything! Heaven forbid that you are one of those who have such a weak system that you're allergic to latex. Some folk's systems are so weak that they have to stay inside and breathe filtered air! We are literally third and fourth generation immune deficient! You can't even go into a hospital these days if you have a cough without wearing a surgical mask! In many countries it's common to see better than half of the population wearing masks on the street and elsewhere in public.

   We have become such a society of germophobes that we are killing ourselves and each other. No wonder the governments of the world have such a fear of biological weapons. Everyone these days are so susceptible to the stray germ that it wouldn't take much to wipe us all out. Films like "Contagion", "28 Days Later" and "The Satan Bug" are more prophetic than grisly entertainment.

   I long for the days when all we had to worry about was Rock and Roll music.

   Honestly, I'm a Geezer and not a Doctor, so what do I know?

   In any case, The Geezer thinks that the world would be a better place if parents would let their children go outside and play (and get dirty). Even a better place if there were no more credit cards! What do you think?


  1. Le Petite Crone here - A few years ago I was having so much pain in my body that it was close to torture to do anything. My doctor said I was getting "fibromyalgia" (another one of those diseases that seems to be new). Rather than have another huge pharmacy bill for another prescription I changed my diet to nothing but "real" food - not food-like substances....and my pain went away. Get rid of the chemicals in your diet, get rid of a lot of physical problems. Now I try to buy locally grown, raised and chemical free seasonal food. I've never been healthier!

  2. I'm sure a lot of the ADD, ADHD and Autism is because of the chemicals in our food. It's poison.

  3. I never even considered the credit card angle! Thats genious! Get rid of them all, says I!

  4. I can't agree more. Our kids these days are being coddled into a "brave new world" scenario where they will be weak and sickly. If they go out into the natural world it will likely kill them. I would get major cuts and injuries when I was a kid and my first aid was wash it out with the hose and carry on. Kids can't do that anymore. Great post!


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