Saturday, November 12, 2011

Too Much Reality for Me!

   There are way too many "Reality" television programs to suit me! (For those of you who do not live in the USA, a Reality Show is where cameras follow people around during their everyday lives then edit the film to make their lives look better than yours.)

   The only reality TV that I enjoy watching are the news programs and these are disturbing enough these days.

   Scanning through the on-screen guide I see that reality shows are taking over. They have become so pervasive that we have become a nation of voyeurs.

   Have our lives become so dull and boring that we have to watch other people's dramas played out on the flat screen in order to feel fulfilled? Probably so.

   Here are a few of the many that I have seen and my comments. Some I like and some I don't.:

The Bachelor. A program about a befuddled good looking guy that can't seem to get a date so he's fixed up with 20 hot girls from which he has to choose. Poor guy!

The Bachelorette. The same but reversed roles. How does a good looking girl never find a date? Really?

Deadliest Catch. A show about fishermen yelling at each other while trying to catch the crabs.

Ice Road Truckers. The drama of truck driver's lives on snowy roads. Wow - gripping!

Iron Chef America. Chefs have a cook-off making food that a real person will never get to eat.

Challenge. Bakers bake cakes. Compete for big check. Much drama.

Cupcake Wars. Bakers bake cupcakes. Compete for big check. Less drama.

Sweet Genius. Gay Nazi tells cooks to make him a dessert.

Design on a Dime. Interior decorators make cheap improvements. When did curtains become "Window Treatments" and a drippy faucet become a "Water Feature"?

House Hunters. People looking for a new house.

House Hunters - International. People looking for a new house in another country. Oh yeah. Like this is something I need to know about!

Property Virgins. People looking for their first house. Yawn!

Project Runway. Has absolutely nothing to do with airplanes. It's gay guys designing crappy clothes.

America's Next Top Model. Really tall anorexic girls wear crappy clothes (designed by gay guys) between bouts of bulimia.

American Idol. Singing competition. I'll say this is fairly entertaining. But still...

America's Got Talent. But mostly, it doesn't. You'd think that some of these people's friends would tell them the truth...

The X Factor. More of a competition between the judges. Still somewhat entertaining if you already have your sock drawer alphabetized.

The Sing-Off. Actually fun to watch. Acapella groups compete for recording contract.

Dancing With the Stars. First off, who really thinks these so-called "Stars" are stars? The only saving grace of this season is Mr. J.R. Martinez who is a disfigured Vet who was burned over 40% of his body while in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. Inspirational and a pretty good dancer, too.
   I look for him to win.  ----->

Bass Pros. When did fishing become a spectator sport?

Ghost Hunters. Roto-Rooter guys search for ghosts in their spare time. I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Top Gear. USA and British versions. Guys driving cars. Loads of fun!

Cribs. Rappers show us their homes and cars that they bought with the money they received from performing Rap Music (an oxymoron).

Antiques Roadshow. Folks take their old stuff to get appraised. This will make you a better yard-sale shopper.

Parking Wars. Meter maids write parking tickets. OOoooooo!

Dawg the Bounty Hunter. Professional wrestler wanna-be goes after crooks who skip bail.

Top Shot. Guys with guns... enough said.

The Real Housewives of... Name your city. Middle aged women who have too much time on their hands get into cat-fights.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Bimbo cheerleaders compete to become ... bimbo cheerleaders.

American Guns. All the drama of gun repair. Yes... that's it.

Hogs Gone Wild and American Hoggers. Not an eating competition. Hunting wild hogs. Sometimes it's hard to tell the hogs from the hunters.

Pit Bulls and Parolees. Crooks raise pit bulls. So what else is new?

American Ninja Warrior. Seriously? Words fail me (and that's a first).

Storage Wars and Auction Wars. Guys with way too much money buy other people's discarded crap from closed storage lockers.

Pawn Stars. Pawn shop buys odd junk for less than half of what it's worth.

   These are just a few that I've seen this past year or so. There are many, many others. 

   How have we come to this? What have we as a society become to make shows like these entertainment? Are we really that sedentary and bored that we have to live our lives through the exploits of others?

   Yeah. I guess we have. Otherwise these shows wouldn't be as popular as they are.

   The Geezer says to go out and do something. Get a life. Preferably your own.


  1. We have reality shows because gladiators killing each other in the arena is too expensive. Really - reality shows have taken the same slot as the circuses in ancient Rome.
    I'll root for Sparticus......

    Le Petite Crone

  2. I think a good reality show would be televised executions from Texas or Florida. This would have the right impact and act as a deterrant. JMHO


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