Thursday, March 8, 2012

USA! USA! USA! - Racist?

   Yesterday I read a news blurb on the Internet about a high school basketball game in Texas.

   First of all, I was surprised that Texans actually play basketball. I was given to believe that football was the Texas State Sport.


  The news story wasn't so much about the game itself but what happened after the game.

   It seems that one school is comprised of predominantly White students and the other school is comprised of predominantly Latino students. Both schools are entirely within the state of Texas, USA.

   The White school's team won the game. After the game, the students from the winning team began to shout the familiar chant: USA! USA! USA!

   This in and of itself is not normally a problem. It seems that the losing school's (Latino) students and administrators took exception to the chant calling it "Racist". They demanded an apology from the winning school and from the school district itself. And they got it. They got it.

   Are not both schools US schools? Are not the students of both schools US residents? (well, maybe not.)

   I don't see anything racist with the chant. If the Latino (american) school had won and had begun to chant Viva' la Mexico! would the white students taken exception? Probably not.

   If this crap (yes, Crap) continues, we won't have to worry about foreign terrorists attacking this country, we will be attacking one another!

   In the recent past we have seen Mexican-Americans tear down the American Flag and replace it with the Flag of Mexico. We see these folks defacing the flag, yet we do nothing and let them go on doing what they do.

   This is okay with me. Our constitution allows us to freely express ourselves in writing and in voice and actions. To contain such behaviour would be to deny these rights. I see the students of the winning high school as merely expressing themselves as the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States allow.

   Regardless of their intentions, the fact remains that they were expressing themselves and within their rights to do so. The ACLU should look into this case.

As a Geezer I say: USA! USA! USA!

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