Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gravity, Family and Life in General

 I'm too short.

   For my weight, I should be around 6'8" tall and I'm only 5'9''. My driver's license says that I'm 5'9" but in actuality I'm closer to 5'7" or 5'8". I seem to be shrinking in height as I get older. It's all gravity's fault!

   That's not the only thing that has changed over these past many years. My little sisters and I were once very close but time, jobs and relationships have scattered us to the three corners of the West. We're still close, relationship-wise but we don't see one another as often as we'd like. Life happens!

   I live in Central Nevada. My youngest sister, Lori, lives in Southern California with her husband and children. My next youngest sister, Peggy, lives in Washington State on the "Peninsula" with her husband. Both are retired from the U.S. Forest Service and live a life of quiet leisure. Peggy writes a Blog: Le Petite Crone (see the link in the right-hand column).

   My sister Lori is fourteen years younger than I. She was the one who was given a color TV as a High School graduation present. I got a Timex watch. I resented her for years afterward until I grew up and realized that by the time she graduated, our parents were better off financially and TVs were cheaper than they had once been. (still... a Timex?)

   When my sister Peggy (five years my junior) graduated from High School I was in the Coast Guard and I wasn't there to see what she got as a graduation gift. It was probably something spectacular so I'm probably better off not knowing.

   I mentioned that my sister Peggy lives on the peninsula in Washington State. The peninsula is actually just an overgrown sand bar that probably wasn't even there a few thousand years ago. The action of wind, tides and the Cascadia Subduction Zone created what is now a moderately populated sandy bog that separates Oyster Bay from the daily pounding of the Pacific Ocean. One medium-to-strong earthquake and the ensuing tsunami will effectively erase the peninsula from existence. (I imagine that everyone who lives there is required to wear a life jacket at all times.)

   Sister Lori who lives in SoCal has been a professional fast food employee since graduating High School. Apparently she watched too much TV (Hah!) and had no ambition to get a higher education and through that, a better job. She has three kids, two daughters and a son, who are her life. The two girls are out of school and the boy is (I think) in High School now.

   I myself am retired from the U.S. Postal Service but still work a couple of days a week to keep from actually becoming part of my living room sofa. Life's tough! I have actually had three careers. I was once a Law Enforcement officer as well as a Security Manager for a nearby gold mining company. I consider any job that I worked at for more than ten years to be a career.

   My wife and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary at the beginning of April. We have been together through all of my "Careers". We live a simple life here in Nevada. We own our home and three of our four vehicles are ours, free and clear. 

   As I get older the things that were once important to me become less so. I still like to go camping but when I do so I set up camp and I'm content to putter around and pretty much stick near the campfire and just enjoy the peace of surrounding myself with nature and solitude.

   I find that many foods just don't taste the way they used to. I have less of an appetite and eat much less than I did when I was younger. I don't, however, find myself geting any smaller in girth.

   On the other hand, I am developing tastes for foods that I've never liked before. I now like chicken livers sauteed in butter with chopped onions and garlic. (Unfortunately, my wife still hates liver, so I don't get the chance to eat them all that often). I've never before liked liver in any way or form. Go figure!

   I no longer get excited over things that used to drive me crazy. I seem to be developing patience but at the same time I have little use for idiots. As I get older I am spotting more and more idiots in this world.

   I guess I really am a crotchety old man at last but I still have a social conscience so I hold my tongue when I am sometimes tempted to tell someone to their face what I really think of them or their ideas or actions. Give me a year or two more, then watch out! Life's too short to hold back!

   This being The Geezer's blog, I can write about whatever's on my mind. In this case... not much, really.


  1. Geezer:

    It's been fun to read all your posts and thanks to this one I now feel that I am getting to know you and what makes you 'The Geezer'.

    I wish all bloggers would tell there fans a bit more about themselves. It makes them seem more human and we can identify with them better.

    Good job Sir!

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      I sometimes get the impression that no one is reading what I write. It's nice to know that I am a part of someone else's life.

    2. Hey big brother, just so you know I didn't get anything for High School graduation. I had already enlisted in the Marine Corps, was leaving for boot camp right after school got out and I figured I really didn't need anything (I was right). Yes, we are all suppose to wear life preservers here on "the peninsula" but being a bit of a rebel I refuse (it chafes under my arms). I figure I'll just get on my roof and hope for the best if a tsunami happens. I am shrinking a bit too but I have less room for it, only being 5'1"!


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