Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When I Was 25...

When I was younger, say around 25 years of age, there were a lot of things that we didn't have by today's standards. Somehow we managed to have a pretty fulfilling life.

When I was 25, telephones had a round dial and were attached to the wall with an electric cord. If you wanted to make a call, you had to go to where the phone was. If you were expecting a call, you stayed where the phone was.

Today, even children have cell phones. It seems that all of a sudden everyone has to be talking or texting or eMailing someone while they do everything else. What is so important that a phone call can't wait until you are somewhere semi-private. No one wants to hear one side of your idiotic conversation while they're eating. It's not cool.

When I was 25 and I wanted to carry some drinking water with me, I bought a canteen and filled it from the water tap at home or from a drinking fountain. People who did this were either hiking and camping or they were thought of as "Weird".

Today everyone has a bottle of water with a nipple of some kind on the end so that it's easier to drink. Infantile! We're going backwards on this one. In many cases it's not even plain water. There is vitamin water, energy water, sports water, flavored water, fortified water etc. etc... Whatever happened to just plain water (in a canteen)?

When I was 25 we had free television! Granted, there were only three channels: ABC, NBC and CBS... but all you had to do was set up a TV antenna and it was FREE! FREE!

Today we have Cable TV and Satellite TV that comes from a Satellite in Outer Friggin' Space! OUTER SPACE TV! Who would have thunk it? On these hundreds of channels we can watch "Reality TV" where we are enthralled by someone doing dirty jobs or catching crabs or tuna fish or driving a truck on icy roads or whatever the hell you want to watch, even nekkid folks doing the nasty!

When I was 25 and wanted to fly on a plane, we dressed up in nice clothes and walked right up the ramp into the plane without a care. We were served a fairly nice meal by nice young ladies. We were treated with respect because if you were flying you had the money for a ticket. If you had that much money you deserved respect! It was a nice time.

Today if we want to fly on a plane we have to be there early so that some TSA agent who couldn't get a job anywhere else, feels us up and asks us to take off belts, watches and jewelry as well as our shoes so that we can feel safe in the sky.

No one dresses up any longer. In fact I'm sometimes surprised if some folks show up wearing something other than their pajamas! Once we are airborne we are occasionally offered a small bag of peanuts and a soft drink by a surly middle aged flight attendant of indeterminate gender. Flying on commercial aviation is nothing more than taking a ride in a cattle car with wings! It's why I stay at home now...

When I was 25 I could drive into a "Service Station" (remember those?) where the attendant would fill my tank with gasoline, wash my window, check my oil, radiator and air pressure in the tires. All this for 45 cents a gallon.

Today I have to pump my own gas and wash my own windshield and all that other stuff for a mere $4.15 a gallon and I never see an attendant. I pay at the pump with my Debit card (another thing I didn't have at 25). If I want to see an attendant, I have to go into the "Convenience store" and try to understand what he is saying through his thick Indian or Pakistani accent.

When I was 25 the only people who had computers were the government - NASA and the like. Computers were something that was in the realm of scientists and insurance companies and the IRS.

Today EVERYONE has computers. Children have computers. Kids in kindergarten are required to do their homework on computers... and they DO! We now have computers to play games on, to communicate with friends on the other side of the planet and to send eMail and write Blogs. When I was 25 who even knew what a blog was other than a kind of swampy area in the backwoods. (Or was that a bog?)

When I was 25 the world was a much simpler place to live. If I wanted a drink of water I went to the sink and filled up a glass and drank. I didn't have to worry about what kind of water I wanted. I wanted water ~ H2O. Nothing more and nothing less. I miss the old movie stars like Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy and Jimmy Stewart. Those guys were real movie stars. They had class.

Oh, yeah. And then there's this:

The Geezer often looks back fondly at a kinder, slower and more friendly time of my life. What I wouldn't give to go back then and know what I know now!


  1. Gezer:

    Love the cartoon! I'm sick of seeing videos of kids flying off a roof in a shopping cart. I got to wonder if that behavior is hereditary or chemically induced..... they're probably just stupid or retarded. Mentally challenged my ass. They're retarded!

  2. Dear Geezer, if you find a way to go back please let me go with you. Love, your sister.....

  3. Except that water doesn't contain electrolytes.


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