Thursday, May 31, 2012

Funny Stuff I've Seen and Heard

   A week or so ago I was watching a cooking show on TV with my wife.

(The last three words of the above sentence explains why I was watching a cooking show in the first place.)

   In the program, the host was explaining how to make Dill Bread. Dill bread is great for making sandwiches. The dill adds the slight taste of pickles without the tang.

   In any case the host had added all the ingredients in a large bowl and had mixed them together then dumped them onto the counter to knead the bread to better mix the ingredients.

   She stated: "You really have to knead your dill dough as much as possible in order to make your dill dough nice and stiff." and, "Your dill dough needs to be as stiff as possible in order for it to rise correctly."

   During her first remark I could hear the camera and stage crew giggling and snickering in the background. When she made the second remark the crew was laughing and screaming outright.

   The woman's face had a priceless look and it was obvious that she had no idea what was causing the crew to crack up.

(If you don't understand, read her statements out loud instead of to yourself)

   I wish I could remember the name of the program but it was a COOKING SHOW and I wasn't really that interested until it turned smutty.

   Another time I was scanning through Dish Network's on-screen directory looking for something interesting. I saw a listing for America's Funniest Home Videos but it was abbreviated to fit into the space provided and it was listed as: "America's Funniest Ho". I didn't even know they had that sort of competition.

   Many times I see stuff that just leaves me dumbfounded. I have to wonder who if anyone checks the programs and news shows for content.

   I was watching a Fox News broadcast from Salt Lake City, UT. The talking head was finishing up a "News" story and as they cut away for a commercial break you could hear the newsman saying to his buddies, "I sure get tired of reading these crap stories." Yeah? we get tired of listening to them, too.

   The Geezer obviously doesn't have much to talk about this time but I HAD to tell you the Dill Dough story. Just too good to let pass... Have fun and stay safe!

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