Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello Foreign Readers!

Writing this blog has been a great outlet for me. It allows me to get things out into the open that have been bothering me and to share stories from my life.

I periodically check my "Stats" page to see where my readers are from and I have been surprised to find that just over 25% of my fans are from countries other than the U.S.A.

I suppose that this shouldn't surprise me so much since the Internet or World Wide Web is just that: World Wide.

What surprised me the most is that other than the United States, the country that shows the most readers is Russia(!) with Canada being a close second place.

To me, this is amazing. To think that the words that I write are read by people from all over the world is truly humbling and I thank you all who see these words!

This brings up a question though.

I wonder how much of what I write is lost in translation to other languages? Do American cultural references translate to other cultures? Do my foreign readers understand fully what I write?

I try not to use slang or other forms of language that may confuse someone without attempting to explain myself and I hope that this helps you to understand my thoughts and feelings.

If not, I want to help.

What I propose is this:

   If there is anything in any of my posts that a foreign reader does not understand, please ask me to clarify myself in the "Comments" section of the post in question. I will attempt to help you understand any cultural reference or other problem you may be having with the words that I write.

As a Geezer, I want you to feel the full impact of my twisted mind!

Once again, thank you all for reading my Blog. I hope that we can become friends and comrades!


  1. No question now but is good idea!! I will ask if i not understand.

    you are funny too read most times. I understand most.


  2. Probably most people who would need help understanding are from right here in the US

    1. I think you're right. Sad but true!

      Sorry to hear Rupert is sick.


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