Thursday, July 12, 2012

Using Someone's Fears Against Them

It's very common these days to see people's fears used against them. We see it every day and we're all victims of this tactic.

You say, "No one uses my fears against ME! I have no fears!"

Well, sorry to say, "Yes you do." Otherwise you wouldn't have purchased insurance for your life, your car, your house your family or your health.

We're all victims.

Buy insurance for your car and you're saying that you have a fear of being involved in an accident and don't want to be faced with the enormous repair or medical bills that follow - or you're afraid of having your car impounded for not having insurance.

Insurance is a big gamble. When you buy it, you're gambling that you WILL be in an accident, that you Will be injured (or someone else will be) and that you WILL have your car stolen. The insurance is gambling that none of these things will happen. The insurance company is usually right and you lose! (your money!).

Actually insurance is a legal form of extortion. Think of it that way and you'll get pissed off. I know I do every time I pay my premiums. In my lifetime I have only been in one accident in all of the many vehicles that I've owned. Also, my wife hit a coyote on the highway and we had to make a claim against the insurance to get the damage repaired.

Even in these cases, the insurance companies still win. They will pay to have the damages repaired but your rates go up and you still lose. Sit down sometime and figure out just how much money you have spent in your lifetime on insurance premiums alone. I figured that I spent over $68,000 on insurance just to pay for $6,000 in repairs.

It doesn't seem quite fair. There has to be a better way. I just don't know what it is. Do you?

Using some one's fears against them CAN be fun at times, though.

Several years before I retired I worked for a mining company. The mine was located over 70 miles from town - out in the sticks.

During the summer, we had a young girl working as a geology intern who had just graduated from High School. Her job was to assist the field geologists with whatever they needed to do. Haul soil samples, tag sample bags - whatever.

Before going out with the geologists she let it be known that she was deathly afraid of ticks - those little blood-sucking parasites that almost always get attached to you when working in the sagebrush.

The story was related to me by the geologist involved. (they are a fun-loving bunch of reprobates as ever there were)

The girl, Allison, was very shapely and pretty with long blond hair and large... umm... attributes. The geologist, Mike, was just a horn dog.

In the sagebrush one day as she was loading sample bags into the bed of the truck, Mike came up behind her and said, " Allison, you have a tick on the back of your neck."

"Get it off me" she said in a panicked tone.

Mike fiddled at the nape of her neck and said, "It's fallen down your collar. It's inside your shirt."

Allison began jumping up and down screaming, "Get it out! Get it out!" and stripped off her T-shirt.

Mike told her it was now just above the waist band of her jeans. She was almost in a full panic by this time.

Mike touched her lower back and told her that the tick had slipped down into her pants.

The pants came off along with her shoes.

"It must be inside your underwear. I don't see it".

The underwear came off. Allison was in tears by this time.

Mike told her, "I don't see it. Maybe it's, you know, like between your cheeks."

The cheeks got spread apart. Allison was sobbing and quite beside herself.

"Nope. Little bugger must have fallen off. You're okay now."

Allison got dressed and made him swear that he would tell no one about the incident. He did so swear.

When he got back to the mine, well, guess how I found out?

Turns out there was never a tick to be seen but he apparently saw what he wanted to see and liked what he saw. They're now married and have three kids.

I don't know if he ever told her that the tick-trick was a fabrication. Probably not. He's a man of his word and they are still married, after all.

The Geezer asks: Is it ever right to use some one's fears against them? Not in this case. It's just plain cruel!

However in the case of Allison and Mike, it turned out okay.


  1. Man, that story about the tick is genious! I know a few gals that that would work on! Have to try it out.

    I agree with your views on insurance companys. Talk about blood sucking parasites!

    Some states allow a driver to post a cash bond to self-insure and get around the requirements for real insurance. Don't know which would be better ho...

  2. I notice you have never told about some of the fine things you have done, dear brother....

    1. I'm sure I don't know what you mean.

      Me? Be cruel? Seriously?



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