Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Olympics

Okay... For the past two weeks I, like most everyone else in the world have been watching the Olympic events on the TV.

Most have been entertaining but as usual there has been little if any coverage of a few of the events that I find interesting. I like the shooting events, Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol.

I also like the Archery events but these were covered fairly well so I have no beef with NBC on this.

On most of the shooting events I have had to go to the Internet in order to find out who took the medals. Even then, they were not readily available without a lot of searching. Thankfully my Google-Fu skills are in top form... (I have a Black Belt)

Then there are those sports (?) that are Olympic events that, in my opinion, should not be. Here are a few of the "Sports" that should not be in the Olympics according to The Geezer:

RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS - Little girls prancing around with ribbons on sticks, beach balls and hoola-hoops. Really? a sport? When was the last time you went to a ribbon stick or beach ball competition? What gets me is that the "Competetors" take this so seriously! And how do you judge such an event? Do you get more points if you make bigger ribbon loopy things than the next girl? This is not a sport by any stretch of the imagination. Period.

FIELD HOCKEY: Let's face it. This is just Soccer (Football - depending on where you live) with sticks. Instead of kicking the ball, you smack it with a stick. I'm glad that there's no possibility for personal injury here!

TEAM HANDBALL: This is just Soccer (see parenthetical phrase above) but with a softball and you use your hands instead of your feet. Soccer is boring enough without all these made-up variations on a theme.

WATER POLO: This would be much more fun to watch if actual horses were used. Instead the players just swim around playing catch. They should call this "Water Soccer" instead of Water Polo since they seem to have left out the horses and mallots.


BMX (Bicycle Motor Cross): This is sort of fun to watch but these guys are actually grown-up men and women under those helmets. When most of the kids that I knew did this, they quit when they got out of Junior High School or got a job. And another thing, what's with the "Motor" part. I don't see no stinkin' motor! This is more fun to watch in the neighborhood vacant lot but not in the Olympics. Someone is trying to legitimize a kid's hobby which will lead to a generation of 20-something slackers on welfare. Like we need more of those!

DRESSAGE: Fifty-something men and women on dancing horses. These folks get to go back to the Country Clubs and claim themselves to be Olympic Medalists whilst the real medalists are locked away in a stable somewhere eating hay and oats. Let the riders do this event without their inbred dancing horsies and see how far they get! They'd look like the silly buggers from Montie Python's Flying Circus!

Let's talk about the Slutting-Up of the Olympics. Oh yeah, you know what I mean. The first thing you thought of was the lady Beach Vollyball players in their micro bikini skivvies jiggling all over the place in the sand. You know you did!

And for the ladies, let's not forget the men diving off the springboards and platforms wearing what amount to jock straps. They come out of the water all glistening and slick with their six-pack abs and a wedgie. Ladies, face it. It's why you watch.

There has been some talk of proposed future Olympic Events. The one that caught my attention was Olympic Pole Dancing. Yep. Someone's trying to slut up the Olympics even more. At least it would be easy to judge. The "athlete" with the most dollar bills in her g-string at the end of the music is the winner!

The GEEZER enjoys watching the Olympics as much as anyone but we've gotten pretty far afield from the original games. Now we're seeing everything that could conceively be called a sport as an Olympic Event.

Good grief, Charlie Brown!


  1. I am upset that they don't show weight lifting too. I've always enjoyed that.

    I also have a beef with the fact that the athletes are suppose to be amateurs...since when do NBA stars play for free????

    I can hardly wait for the World of Warcraft Olympic that will be worth watching!

  2. I DID see women's weightlifting on a late night segment. The women from the Eastern European areas had a lot of facial hair and steroid zits. When the couldn't lift a certain weight they threw a 'roid-rage like tantrum. Glad to see that their blood doping tests are working!

  3. Geezer!

    Water Polo with real horses! I can't get that image out of my head! and olympic pole dancing! I'll go see that - maybe they'd have lap dances as tie breakers! Awesome!

    Dude - yer a genius!



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