Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

   In the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving. A holiday that commemorates the first year's bounty of the Pilgrims coming to the North American continent.

   Our ancestors gave a party and the Native American were invited. If you believe the stories, we had a "Pot Luck" style dinner back then. The Pilgrims provided the table and the Native Americans provided all the food since the Pilgrims weren't yet very good at providing for themselves. 

   Basically the "Indians" provided the first welfare food bank and our ancestors were the first welfare recipients. We were on the cutting edge of our modern society!

   Today we celebrate this holiday every November by gathering as a family and feasting on roasted turkey, stuffing/dressing (whatever term you prefer), sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pies, squash and sometimes a baked ham. 

   We sit at the table and eat and eat until we have to loosen our belts just to breathe.

   After dinner we sit in front of the TV and watch football and eat some more. Later we eat leftovers heated up in the microwave or cold. Over the next few days we continue to eat the rest of the leftovers in our lunches, for dinner and as snacks. We become championship level eaters during this holiday.

   Looking back to the first Thanksgiving we know that they ate venison, dog, corn, fish and sweet potatoes or yams and they were thankful to have it.

   Today we gorge ourselves to the point of bursting and by and large, we really don't seem to be thankful for much of anything except for maybe the football game (unless out team loses, then we go and eat more to salve our 

<--- California Roast Turkey

   This Thanksgiving we should all be thankful that we have food enough and a roof over our heads and warm beds. Be thankful that we have our families around us and be mindful of what they really mean to us. 

   Be thankful that the wars our Sons, Daughters, Fathers and Mothers are fighting right now are relatively small wars and not on the scale of our past world wars. 

   Be thankful that most of us have the means to provide for our families, however meager those means may be. Be thankful that there is food on the shelves of our stores or in our fields ready to be consumed.

   Be thankful that we have what we have because so many people in this world do not.

   Tell me in the comments section below what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

   I hope you all are well and have what you need wherever you may live.

   Happy Thanksgiving from the Geezer!