Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia Law, Arab Spring... and all the rest of the Islamic terms and 'catch phrases' that we've all seen and heard in the papers and on the news in the past couple of years.

How many of us understand and really know what we're hearing and seeing? Do we really understand all of this?

In recent weeks we've been bombarded with news stories about the revolution in Egypt, AlQueda in the middle-east, atrocities in Syria and the nuclear threat from Iran.  Terrible stories, all!

But do we really understand?

I want to focus on 'Sharia Law' which is the religious law of Islam. It is very strict by Western standards. It favors the men of Islam and subjugates Islamic women. If an Islamic man accuses his wife or a female member of his family of virtually any crime, the woman or girl has no defense at all. She is at the mercy of the man and his sense of 'Honor' within the family. She has virtually no rights of her own.

When a Radical Muslim man takes offense at something a woman or girl in his family says or does, he takes his retribution out on her by using a knife or battery acid on the woman's face. For extreme offenses, the female may be beheaded. An extreme offense may be nothing more than ridiculing a man in public or in front of his friends or associates or something as terrible as blasphemy - speaking against Allah or Mohammad.

There are many in the United States who would like to see Sharia Law be implemented here. Are you kidding me? 

The terrible thing about this is that many in our government, both Federal and State, are leaning toward this concept. There is already a movement to make it against the law to ridicule the Islamic Prophet, Mohammad. It would be a 'hate crime' to do so. This is very hard to take considering the freedoms of speech that we enjoy in this country. 


What is happening to our First Amendment rights of free speech? Lawmakers are afraid of the repercussions from Radical Islam if we fail to enact this law. They'd better be more afraid of us if they do enact this law.

You ask yourself, "What would be so wrong with having a mandatory religious code based upon morals and honor"?  Well, Christians already have such a code, although it's certainly not mandatory, thanks to our Bill of Rights. It's called the 'Ten Commandments'. Most of our laws covering public and private behavior are based upon these ten rules.

Let's take a look at how this is working out in predominantly Muslim nations.

Warning!  Graphic Content!

The following photos are of Muslim women who displeased their husbands or their communities. Not having committed any other crime other than making their male family members feel less manly, less in charge, less respected.

Keep in mind that Real MANLY men committed these acts of horrible violence:

I'm sure her husband feels more manly now!

Before and after - She must have been really bad

What could this girl have possibly done to deserve this?

Well, she probably talked back to her husband in public. Made him feel foolish.

Servers her right. Right?
She feels like she was lucky to have been spared her Husband's wrath

What kind of life will this girl have now?

Is she thanking Allah for his mercy that her Husband loved her enough to keep her alive? 

Or is she wishing that she had died?

How would you feel having to spend the rest of your life looking like this?
You can tell that this woman was once very attractive

Who, in our country would do this to someone they claim to love?

Obviously a bright, attractive girl. Ruined for life

This little girl must have really made her father (or Husband) angry.

She must have been listening to Western music on her i-Pod.
At least this woman has her son to care for her

These photos are difficult to look at. I know that.

This is a graphic indication of the hateful, animalistic and warped sense of justice that comes with Sharia Law.

If Muslims treat their loved ones in this manner to uphold their self-importance and their manhood. If they truly feel that these actions represent the dictates of their God and their culture... then I want none of it.

This is their religion. This is how they're taught to behave in a modern society.

Do we really need Sharia Law to slowly creep into OUR society?

This is not just a protester's sign - It's what they truly believe!

Surely she deserved this

I sincerely apologize for making you look at these photographs. They are truly horrendous!

I felt that you needed to see the true faces of Sharia Law as interpreted by Radical Islamists. This is what a lot of people in this country are considering. They say, well, it can't be that bad!

Yeah.... It's that bad.

This is what we have to face if we lose the war against terrorism, against Radical Islamists!

Just so you understand, not all followers of Islam believe this way and not all followers of Islam condone these atrocities. Just the members of the radical sects, such as the Wahabbi sect, mostly from Saudi Arabia and their ilk.

It seems to me that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists seem to be Muslims. 

Whenever we see this subject come up in the news - Speak Up! If we sit back and believe that it will never happen here... it can't happen to us... we will find ourselves right in the thick of it.

All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good people to sit idly by and do nothing. It CAN happen here.

I have no clever comment to end this. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you feel that it will help, feel free to tell your friends about this and direct them here so that they may see this for themselves.

Geezer ... out.

Monday, July 8, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I started this blog as a way to give insight into my past and teach a few things that I have learned over the past 60+ years...

It then morphed into political comment for which I will not apologize...

Now I'd like to show you where I live and what I've been doing the past few weeks.

This past Saturday, July 6th, I decided to take my Jeep out into the Nevada Outback and take a few pictures. The area that I show is approximately 40 miles from home and located at the very South end of the Ruby Mountain Range.

Pony Express Territory!
On the way to my destination I passed this sign. (right) This area of Nevada is called "Pony Express Territory" by the State's Public Relations people. It attracts tourists away from Las Vegas and Reno (in theory). The Pony Express trail roughly follows US-50, East to West across the central part of the State of Nevada.

Many people who have never been here believe that Nevada is bone dry - it may seem like it at times but there IS water to be found... if you know where to look. 

Huntington Springs
This is Huntington Springs. It's a year-round spring and a great source of water for the animals as well as a source of Watercress. Great on sandwiches and in salads.

My main destination is an area called Quarry Canyon. It's where limestone was quarried for many buildings in my town (Eureka, NV) back in the late 1800s. The quarried stone was hauled to town by mule-drawn freight wagons.

My Jeep - Waaay Down Below

One of the reasons that I enjoy  coming here are the dozens of fantastic rock formations ... as well as a cave. 

Actually, it's not a real cave but a natural lean-to. Several thousands of years ago a huge boulder calved from the cliff face uphill from it's present location, then came to rest against another boulder forming a larger sheltered area that resembles a cave. It's roomy and is nice and cool in the 90 degree (f.) temps that were present this day.

You can see my Jeep parked next to the road below the 'cave' entrance It's about 1/4 mile down slope. I'll tell you that for this fat old man, it was quite a
Cave Rock (upper right)
challenge to hike to the cave. My legs were aching and cramping. I had to sit and rest for a bit. With my arthritis and being very much out of shape, I expected that the next morning I would be stiff and sore. Gladly it wasn't as bad as I expected.

The huge rock at the center-left is the cave lean-to. There is another picture below showing the East entrance with a zoomed perspective.

I entered through the East entrance
Cave Rock (close-up)
and found myself inside the sheltered area. I don't usually post photos of myself, but I took one with me in the West opening to show the size of the room. It was tough pushing the shutter button then running to the entrance before the timer went off. Especially after my climb. The things I do for my readers!

While in the West side of the cave area, I took a picture of the vista that was before me. For this area of
Me - Worn Out and Tired!
Nevada, this is a typical scene.

There are many awesome rock formations in this one area. The photos don't show the true scale of the rocks themselves. The rock that forms the roof of this cave area is easily 50 feet from the bottom to the top. It would be roughly equal in weight to 738 million hamsters! Nothing to sneeze at unless you're allergic to hamsters!

There are some photos of the interior of the cave area as well as other
View From the Cave's West Opening
rocks and formations in the immediate area. As I post the photos, I'll include a description as best as I can. 

Some of these defy description. They look primeval or from another planet. They just beg to be crawled over and explored (by someone younger than me!).

Someone asked me if there were a lot of Rattlesnakes in this area. I'm sure there are but my wheezing, groaning and farting as I climbed the hill (for you, I might add!) probably scared them all away. 

Inside View of the Cave - East Entry in Back
I've lived in this area for over 26 years and during that time I have never seen a Rattlesnake while out hiking in the hills like this. I have seen a few while driving - they slither onto the roadway in the morning to start their day in order to get heat from the road itself. Sort of like having your morning cup of coffee.

The roads going into this area are dirt tracks and while a four-wheel drive vehicle is not really necessary, it's very advisable to be in one. 

You should carry the usual equipment in case you get stuck or broke down,
Another Look at the West Entry
such as a good jack, a good spare tire (or two), water and food, a cell phone and a means of making a shelter from the sun since it really gets hot inside the vehicle. I carry a silver-sided emergency blanket. It's always wise to tell someone where you are going exactly and when you expect to return. That way if you are late coming home, they'll know where to start looking for your body.

As for wildlife in this area, there are quite a few different little critters that Mr. Disney would love for you believe were your friends. Whenever
See the Natural Arch at Top Left?
you go out into the wilderness, remember that the animals you see are wild. they do not take kindly to being petted or even approached. Keep your distance and take pictures.

Animals here include Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goats (introduced 20 years ago), Mountain Lions, Badgers, Coyotes, Ground Squirrels, Chucker Partridge, Quail, Cottontail Rabbits, Jack Rabbits (actually a hare), Bobcats, Rattlesnakes and other various non-poisonous serpents. I'm sure I'm

This Rock is About 50' Tall!
missing some animals but come here and feel free to take an inventory! Sorry, there are no Bears in this part of Nevada. You have to go to the Western part of the State near the Sierra-Nevada mountains to see them.

Almost all of the wilderness lands in Nevada are administered by the Bureau of Land Management, and as such, is public land. You can hunt almost everywhere here as well as camp in almost every venue. That includes wilderness camping where
This Butte is About 1/3 Mile Left to Right!
you go out, pick a spot and call it home. They require that you move your camp once every couple of weeks but rarely check on you. If checked just move 10 feet to the left and you're good to go. If you're a Republican, move it to the far right.

Since natural water is rare in Nevada, you are required to camp at least 500 feet from springs to allow wild animals access to the water. Apparently they like to drink too. Who knew?

While this area is dry and dusty, there are places where camping is very shady and cool. With trees and everything. You just have to know where to find them! (ask me. I know where they are!)
This is What Most People Expect to See in Nevada!

I have a favorite place that I like to camp just to get out of the house for a few days. This is in a secluded grove of Aspen trees with a seasonal creek running through the campsite. There's grass, shade and plenty of firewood. If I told you where it is, I wouldn't be able to go there anymore! And I really like this campsite! However, if you really want to know and you come here, I'll show you where to go.

I'm such a pushover!

Huntington Springs Choked With Watercress

I include this photo of the watercress in Huntington Springs because I really like the stuff. If you have never tasted it, it tastes fairly sharp like pepper and really gives a tang to sandwiches. To harvest it you just grab a bunch and pull it up. It has to be washed and cleaned because freshwater snails like to hide on the undersides of the leaves. They're a good source of protein but a lot of people (females) draw the line at eating snails (unless they're French). 

These little buggers are only about the size of a match head so if one gets by you, you'll probably never even notice the extra crunch!

I hope you enjoy this little tour. I very much enjoyed getting out there in order to show you. If you want to come for a visit, contact me and I'll see that you get to see these sights, up close and personal.

Be safe!  The Geezer....

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Being a Caregiver

My wife and I have been married for thirty-six years. It seems like yesterday that we met and fell in love. The 36 years have gone by very fast, or so it seems.

My wife has always had health problems due to her having been born premature. Parts of her body just never had time to develop fully. Her heart is smaller on the bottom than is normal and she's had at least one heart attack and maybe more.

She also has arthritis and diabetes and takes more than a few medications for all of this. 

In 2010 she had a knee replaced. She's had several surgeries for abdominal problems but through all of it, she's remained upbeat and cheerful. I doubt that I'd be handling things as well as she does.

Recently she's been diagnosed with Non-Alcohol Related Cirrhosis (of the liver). It's almost always a terminal illness without a liver transplant. Due to her age (60s) and other medical factors, she is in an "At Risk" category for the operation.

It has fallen to me to be her primary caregiver. A role that I do diligently and without complaint... mostly.

Following her knee operation, I thought that I would drop dead caring for her needs: Bathing, feeding, assisting her to get from one room to another, helping her with physical therapy, etc. It was a tough job. I was exhausted.

Her current status isn't as exhausting for me but it pains me to see her suffer through the different stages of the disease. She currently gets bloated - her abdomen fills with fluid which has to be drained from her through a tube inserted through her abdominal wall. This needs to be done every two to three weeks. The first time, the doctor drained seven liters from her. The most recent incident they collected twelve and a quarter liters. That's almost 30 pounds of fluid.

The reason for this is that her liver isn't making enough albumin. A protein that allows fluid to be retained within the cellular structure. Without it, the fluid leaks from the cells and into the spaces around the internal organs. It's like wringing out a sponge loaded with water. The water collects inside her and has to go somewhere - so she gets tapped like a Maple tree and the sap is collected in vacuum bottles and discarded.

I know that's not a pretty picture but it accurately describes the process.

During all this time between visits to her doctor, she is sometimes active and can care for herself, mostly. Other times I get to assist her with the smallest of chores. It's hard work being a caregiver.

I sleep when I can find the time. I catch an hour here and there between laundry, food prep and changing bandages. Sometimes she goes to her Sister's home and stays there for a week or so just to give me a break and to get out of the house. Other times I go out and shoot my guns or just find a big empty place here in Nevada and sit and talk with God.

I don't want to give the impression that I'm complaining. I'm not. In many ways this has brought us closer together. We see sides of one another that even the most intimate of couples keep private.

I'm thankful that I have my health so that I have the energy to devote to her needs. I don't know how much more time we'll have together but even though my new duties are difficult, I really enjoy the time we are sharing.

I don't mean to be a wet blanket on your day... I just had to share my thoughts on this. It lessens my burden.

Thanks from The Geezer!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome to Camp TEOTWAWKI!

Wow!  It sounds like we're all going to some Summer Camp in the mountains.

I see these initials all the time on some of the online forums I read: TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It.

Most of the folks who discuss this topic envision several of many different cataclysmic scenarios that may (or WILL) befall humanity in the near or distant future. 

These disasters include Monster Solar Flares that may wipe out the Earth's power grid. 

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from a nuclear detonation caused by some terrorist faction with the same results as a massive solar flare. 
Then there's the total economic collapse of the world's banking systems resulting in (they say) utter and total chaos for modern society. 

Let's not forget World War III which many predict will wipe out all but a small percentage of humanity. 

There's the possibility of a second American Civil War - especially if our government continues down the path to restrictive socialism/ tyranny. 

Last of the major causes of TEOTWAWKI would be a pandemic disease that cannot be controlled affecting all of humanity (Maybe there will be Zombies - who knows?).

Maybe one or more of these things will happen in the not too distant future. The folks I read about are preparing for the worst case scenario by amassing abundant food storage, gathering weapons and ammunition, fortifying their homes and/or their so-called "Survival Retreats", They have their evacuation plans and "Go Bags" or "Bug-Out Bags" all prepared. Their vehicles contain emergency supplies to last them 72 hours or more. In short, these folks are

preppers and are preparing for the very worst.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that by any means. People should be prepared by having some food storage and a means to protect themselves, their families and their homes. Some of these folks may get strange looks from their neighbors and friends but that's a small price to pay for your personal security, whether real or imagined.

I started thinking about the strict definition of TEOTWAWKI. This doesn't really have to mean any of the examples that I've listed above. The end of the world as we know it has happened several times in the past but I'll just give you a few examples from American history.

The Revolutionary War. Prior to this event citizens of the British Colonies on the North American continent were just going about their business. Some were happy and some were not. There was a revolt against King George and the Colonies were at war with England. This certainly fits the definition.

Let's look at the American Civil War. There were several
reasons why this war was fought depending who you listen to or believe, but it certainly was the end of the world as THEY knew it back then. Afterward - nothing was 
the same.

The same can be said for World Wars I & II, Korea and VietNam. These wars changed the way people lived and interacted with one another and looked at
the world as a whole. Things we do in this country
today, we never did before WW I.

The "Space Race" and man landing on the Moon changed forever the way we lived and our concept of who we are. Look at the Moon - It was much prettier before all those footprints mucked it up!

Terrorism is another aspect of TEOTWAWKI. Can we ever look at Muslims the same way we used to after 9/11? When we turn on the news and hear reports of suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism, can we honestly say that we feel safe in the world as it is today? 9/11 was definitely the end of the world as we knew it. Following that one day of terrorism, the world has not been the same.

Actually, when Obama was first elected it was TEOTWAWKI!

I'm sure that you can think of many more examples, world wide, that will fill the bill. How about the furor that followed the first discovery of Dinosaur fossils? After that we began to get a sense of how old this world of ours really is.

What I'm saying is that there really doesn't need to be an earth-shattering event to bring about massive change that we can say is the end of the world as we know it. Small changes can do the same thing so let's recognize these changes for what they are and not fly off the handle shouting doom and gloom.

Am I saying that we don't need to be prepared with a bit of food storage? No. Of course not. It will really help out should the main income provider lose his or her job. Should we allow ourselves to go defenseless? No. There are stories everyday about home invasions and physical attacks on individuals.

Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

That's what the Geezer does!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Selected Excerpts From the Presidential Diary

Direct from the White House, through a series of dead drops and hand-offs. At great risk to those involved, I bring you selected excerpts from the diary of Fearless Leader.  (Please understand that these are in no particular order except as noted).

Nov. 2008 - Dear Diary - Today was totally awesome! Found out that I had really been elected Pres. Mich. said I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever doing it but, well, here it is. George Soros paid a lot of money to seal my school records that show I was scamming the affirmative action laws to get in college as an exchange student. That and coming up with that Hawaiian Birth Certificate instead of my old one from Kenya - like they even keep records; that one was easy!

Oh crap. I have to write a speech. I'll get someone else to do
it. After all, I'm the boss now!  Going to the basement and get high. More later!

Jan. 2009. Dear diary - took "The Oath" today.. (oath... what's that mean?). Stressed out to the max. What if they find out that I don't know jack about this job? Will they fire me? Maybe there's a video I can watch or something... Gotta set up a round or two of golf now that I don't have to pay for it outta my own pocket!

Mich. picked out a dress for the balls tonight! (I said 'Balls' hee hee hee!) Honestly, she looks like a trashy Chi-Town 'ho. Gotta talk to her about getting a new designer other than J.C.P.! The girls are excited too. My little princesses!

Dear diary - Been in the WH for a few months now. Called the networks a month or so ago and told 'em the new rules. They report what I say or they get the shaft. So far they're doing a great job. No flack from any of them. Limbaugh and Beck still chap my ass though and FOX is slow coming around, but nobody watches them anyway.

Been sending money to all my supporters. All I have to do is call the treasury and tell them to cut a check. This is going to be fun. I don't even have to balance a checkbook anymore. Not that I  even know how!

Dear diary - The economy is starting to crash so I told treasury to send everyone some cash with their tax refunds to 'stimulate' the economy. If I make it sound 'Presidential' I can get away with anything. Hope I'm doing this right!

Biden is getting to be a pain. He thinks that he should have been Pres. but he just don't know what a fool he is. I'l keep him around as my 'token' VP.

Dear diary - Holden told me about Executive Orders! This is SWEET! I don't have to go through congress or nuthin'. Just write it all out, Presidential-like and it's a LAW! Man, I'm the KING! (Holder told me not to let anyone hear me say the 'K' word - so it's just between us, dear diary!) 

I wonder if I can do an exec. order to keep Wookie (that's my pet name for Mich. - she's a big Star Wars fan - in case anyone asks!)from snoring so much. Wook! Wook!

Dear diary - S&P just called and said they were down grading the country's credit rating. That used to bother me before I became King of...(oops!) President. Now, I'll just let treasury worry about it. Bernanke can fix this! For a white guy, he's pretty smart.

Unemployment is way up, but hey! I gotta job... not to worry. I'll send all the poor people who voted for me a cell phone. They'll be happy!

Note to self: send the Chicago Black Panthers a big-ass check for stuffin' the ballot boxes. Good job, guys!

Dear diary - Got back from the middle east last month. Had to do a lot of ass-kissing with the Saudi's. The King made me give him a 'handie' under the table during dinner. 

Made a stop in Israel. Those whiny folks are sooo needy. Everyone says that they're our biggest allies but I have my doubts. Sink or swim on your own. That's the Chicago way!

Gotta say that Air Force-1 is the coolest. Gonna fly on that baby every chance I get! I told the pilot that I wanted to fly it but he just stared at me like I was stoned. Well, maybe a little bit - hee hee hee! I'll have to see about getting him replaced. These military guys are all so 'in your face'. Don't they know that it's a different world? I'll have to sequester them.... Hmmm, sequester? I'll give this some thought...

Dear diary - Big shooting someplace in Colorado. Didn't pay much attention. Really ruined a Batman movie for some folks, I hear. Maybe I can turn this against the Republicans somehow... I'm sure I'll have to make another speech. Put it on the TelePromTer guys! Don't know what I'd do without it! I'm visitin' the boys in the kitchen tonight for sure!

This President thing is pretty cool as long as I don't actually have to DO anything (never did find that training video - "Being President for Dummies"). I really DON'T know how to DO anything. Hope nobody catches on! Need to play some golf. More golf.

Dear diary - It's getting time for another vacation. Maybe go down to Martha's Vineyard (Wookie calls it 'My Vinyard' even tho her name ain't Martha - I don't get it.)on the taxpayer's dime. This job is so stressful. Not as stressful as watching Mich come to bed with her 'do-rag wrapped around her head smelling like Jerri-Curl. Da' Wookie is bringing me down! Where's the 'Presidential Stash'? I hear the kitchen calling...

CIA told me that they have a tip on O-Sama-Bin-Ladel or something like that. They want to go get him, but I don't know. Just live and let live, I say. I'll have to look him up. Maybe do some research on the web and find out who this dude really is. If he's a brother Muslim, I'll tell them to back off...

Dear diary - the CIA kept on about this Bin-Laden (did I spell that right?) guy. They've been pestering me for the last six months to let them go get him. I finally agreed (Allah forgive me!). They went in and did him. Watched the whole thing on TV in the Sit Room. I was so scared I think I peed a little in my tightie-whities!

Afterward I told the country that I killed this dude, all macho-like (I felt like a Black John Wayne! Just call me Duke!). (I still don't know who he is, but everyone is happy he's gone) This ought to buy me a few votes in the upcoming elections!

They want me to go and thank the SEALS. Seals? Where are they, in the zoo? Silly name.

Dear diary - Stevens and his guys got all shot to hell over in Benghazi. I told them to keep a low profile while shipping those guns out to Turkey! Getting shot and killed is a "Low Profile"? I'll fire them all!

Told Panetta and Hillary to take care of it. Going down to the kitchen for a 'smoke'. Don't bother me - I don't want to know. If I don't do ANYTHING, I cant do anything wrong, now can I?

Dear diary - Got Re-Elected. Man, I thought I was a goner. Had my bags packed and everything. Scoped out a place in Hawaii that wasn't too bad. Then they told me that I was still the Boss. Have to un-pack now. Maybe I'll go to the kitchen after dark and get high with the bus boys again.

It was a close thing, this election. Romney kept bringing up FACTS, as if anyone cares about that stuff. I'm thinking the O-Phones is what really brought out my votes - that and all the lies I told.  Hee hee hee!

Dear diary - Another shooting in Connecticut. Poor little kiddies. Crazy kid shot 'em all. It's time to take away all the guns so that this crap never happens again! It's those Republicans and the NRA! Never let a good tragedy go to waste. I'll call Feinstein. She's always good for something like this!

Did the State of the Union speech (thank Allah for the TelePrompTer). I was so good I even got a tear in my own eye! Too bad there wasn't a speck of truth in it!

Dear diary - The Senate and House failed to pass ANY of my gun control legislation! Those idiots!

Speaking of idiots - Joe 'Two Blast' Biden is really giving me an aneurysm with his idiotic sound bites! When I run for my third term, I'm replacing him. Maybe Richard Simmons!

Dear diary - Justice told me that we've been putting the pressure on the Tea Party and them conservative groups through the IRS. It serves them right! They're against me so they can't be good for the country!

Damn! The press found out about the IRS thingie and the phone taps on the AP and FOX. Now I'm going to have to go out there and lie some more. I have to check in the mirror to see if my nose is growing any. Ha Ha Ha!  I'll let that lying little weasel, Carney put them off for a while.

I think it's time for another vacation for Wookie and the girls. I'll send them away then call Bill Clinton. We can call in some girls and party in the oval! PARTY! PARTY!

Going down to the kitchen tonight. The boys and I are checking out some Argentina Especiale. We should be blasted for a while.

Note to self: I think it's time to throw Holder under the bus! He's starting to make me look bad. Good help is getting harder and harder to find!  

Goodnight Dear diary....

That's all for now. As more pages come to light I'll get them to you. Don't tell anyone where you saw this. The walls have ears!

Please be advised that this is political humor and not the "Real" presidential diary. I'm quite sure the real one is much funnier!

As a GEEZER, I find this diary to be absolutely appalling. What "Nancy-Boy" keeps a diary these days any anyway?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Administration Under Fire

Well, it seems that our Fearless Leader's administration is coming under fire from all sides.

There is the Benghazi scandal. Who knew what and when did they know it? After the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others in Benghazi, Libya, the administration claimed that the attack was in response to a You-Tube video that almost no one has even seen. Then they claimed that this was a terrorist attack when it became obvious that the administration was lying through it's teeth to the American public and the world at large.

There were the famous "Stand Down" orders but no one is sure who issued them and no one is coming clean on anything. Everyone, from the president on down is covering their respective asses.

Now the whistle blowers are beginning to get every one's attention and things are finally coming to light.

In the meantime we have four Americans who are still dead and are crying out
for justice.

I have heard rumors that the entire event was a set-up. Ambassador Stevens was supposed to be taken hostage by AlQueda then exchanged for guns for AlQueda and the Muslim Brotherhood (even though we don't deal with terrorists). The small security detail was ordered to "Stand Down" so that the hostage could be taken cleanly. Unfortunately for the administration, the former SEALS disregarded the stand down order and put themselves in harm's way to rescue the Ambassador.

When it was obvious that a firefight was in play, other units were told to stand down. The administration didn't want the operation to escalate. It was still possible that the Ambassador could be taken alive. No one counted on the dedication to duty of the former SEALS. God bless them!

We'll see where all this ends up.

Next on the list are the IRS scandals. It seems that the IRS has targeted several groups like the Tea Party and other Patriot groups for close scrutiny. The IRS has been demanding to see membership lists, phone lists etc. from these groups... all against the law.

The IRS has also been targeting American Jewish groups for scrutiny demanding that they explain why they are backing Israel, what their politics are, who their members are and lists of their phone numbers. They have been delving deeply into these organizations. Way beyond what the law allows.

The IRS is also targeting in the same way the Associated Press (AP) by using

government surveillance assets to access and record telephone conversations in order to find the AP's news sources. Wow. Sounds ethical to me! You know that they're on the administration's "Enemy List".

I can only imagine what their goal is. What I cannot imagine is that the Administration is not involved in these inquiries. We'll see...

Our Administration is being questioned by the British over several insults to them by Fearless Leader. The USA refused to send an emissary to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, The "Iron Lady" of British politics.

The British are incensed about comments from Fearless Leader supporting Argentina over the Brits in the matter of the Falkland Islands. Way to support your best ally, Mr. President!

There have been other insults and slights toward the British since 2009. Even though we, here in America aren't paying much attention to them, be assured that the British ARE! Should it be necessary to ask for support from the British people and government - you can wager that all these will be considered most critically.

It seems that Barack Obama's brother has started a somewhat shady non-profit foundation. His application for non-profit status was approved within thirty days and made retro-active to the beginning. Other qualified foundations have to wait as long as three years to be granted not-for-profit status from the government and they are seldom made retro-active. I wonder how this happened? Surely Fearless Leader couldn't have had a hand in this? Say it isn't so!

Did you know that there are six positions in the White House and in the administration that are filled with members of the Muslim Brotherhood? I don't suppose that they have any influence over how the President conducts business on behalf of the American People. Surely not.

The heads of three Network News organizations have a husband, wife or brother in the Obama administration. It seems that these news organizations have a slightly different take on what they present as the News, wouldn't you say?

Our Fearless Leader is a real piece of work. He has freely admitted to his background as a radical socialist, a drug user (At least the drugs he used didn't affect our President) and an adherent to the teachings of Saul Alinsky, a known radical socialist.

During the summer of 2008, I read an article in Newsweek written by a reporter who traveled with Obama on his campaign bus. One sentence struck me as odd: The reporter stated that he was impressed with Obama because with all the stress of his campaign, he (Obama) always remained remarkably 'Serene'. I'm thinking that he was either clueless or self medicated (see above paragraph).

Had even one of these thing been associated with a white Presidential candidate, the press would have torn him apart. If you don't believe me, think back to the campaign of Bill Clinton and his claims that "I didn't inhale" when it became known that he had smoked marijuana in college. Clinton, if you will remember, is a Democrat. For all that, he was a pretty decent President.

What is it about Obama that make people think that he's such a great man? His skin color? If so, that's just racist. It certainly isn't his experience. He was a community organizer. If you don't know, that is someone who organizes political rallies, protests and get out the vote drives (as long as you're voting the way he tells you). 

He was an Illinois State Senator who won his state election under some controversy. During his term, he ran for the US Senate and won that race (controversial campaign). 

Then while in the first term, he ran for President of the USA. (He can't really seem to keep a job!) During that campaign he made many promises. None of which have come to pass. 

Once in office he took a trip and bowed down to Muslim leaders, then apologized for America and her policies against the Middle East. He ignored Israel completely.

He later took a trip to Israel and basically insulted them by telling them they should embrace the Palestinians, because they were wonderful people.
He is now in his second term and I still have no idea how he's doing it. It can't be because of his masterful skills as President. As far as I can see, he still doesn't have a clue what he's doing. He doesn't know how to govern. Since becoming President he's done nothing but campaign. That, and play golf and take vacations on the public dime.

He recently went to Mexico and told the Mexican

president that their problems were all America's fault... from guns to creating a market for illegal drugs. All our fault! Tell that to the dead Border Patrol agents who guard our sovereign borders!

From reading this, you might get the idea that I'm against the Presidency. I'm not. I'm just against

Obama and his anti-American ideals. It seems to me that the man has no idea what it means to be a patriot, to be an American. He has no observable pride in his country nor does he have any allegiance to the American People. He does seem to be in it for himself and takes every opportunity to live the high-life on the backs of the American taxpayer.

"Any President worthy of the office, when placed upon the altar of freedom, will gladly sacrifice himself for the good of his country" ...
                                 The Geezer

Our current President is doing just the opposite.

But I'm just a Geezer... and this is just my opinion.

So... I could be wrong...  but I doubt it.