Saturday, January 26, 2013

Faster Than The Speed of Dark

There is so much happening in this country right now that is stirring controversy that I find myself leaning more and more toward commenting on current events. Mostly the gun control debate.

I can't help myself. Some things just need to be said.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, our leaders have broken all speed records by supporting frivolous and unnecessary gun control laws in what can only be referred to as a knee-jerk reaction to the "Senseless Violence" (As opposed to sensible violence?).

Assault Weapon ban, high capacity magazine bans, thorough background checks and on and on.

First of all, all weapons are assault weapons. Period, full-stop. When the Anti-Gunners refer to Assault Weapons, they are thinking of Military-Style Machine Guns that fire several rounds with one pull of the trigger. Black guns. They don't like black guns! Sounds racist to me!

Banning high capacity magazines, erroneously referred to as "clips" by the uninformed mainstream media and politicians, is a futile gesture. If a firearm can fire one round it can fire thirty in the hands of a trained weapons handler. 
Magazines (right); clips (below, left & right)

Thorough background checks. We already have these. Every time someone buys a firearm they go through a background check by their state and they pay handsomely for complying. $25 in my state. The fact that we have to pay for these, I see as an infringement on my rights.
I hear the pundits of the Liberal, progressive, anti-gun advocates claiming that no one needs an assault rifle for hunting or protecting their families or themselves and their property. 

It all comes down to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. An inalienable right of American Citizens. Inalienable - as in a right that we are born with that is granted by God. 

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

There is no mention of hunting or self protection in the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment exists to insure that the American People do not fall victim to the will of a tyrannical government. (I believe that we're coming closer and closer to the point where we will have to put this to the test) 

It provides the means for the people to oppose tyranny within our own country. THAT is the Second Amendment. That is the intent that the framers of our constitution had in mind. It has been sustained several times over the years by the U.S. Supreme court. Leave it alone! The issue has already been decided!

The fact that we have the right to own firearms to hunt and for self protection is secondary to the main purpose of the Second Amendment.

The argument that we would have no more atrocities like the Sandy Hook shooting if all firearms were banned does not hold water. The same day of that tragic event, a man in Beijing, China entered a school and stabbed twenty-two school children with a knife. Maybe we should ban knives, then forks and spoons. Sticks and stones will surely follow! How many people have been beaten to death with a club or a rock? More than with guns, I'll bet.

Guns aren't the problem. The ever increasing atmosphere of violence in this country is the problem. From video games to feature films which show more and more violence in order to lure their audiences through the doors and children onto the Play Stations and Wii systems and X-Box systems - THAT is the problem! People with mental issues buy into these various media and act upon their urges for their personal aggrandizement. 

The hypocritical film and television stars decry the violence and demand that guns be banned but then turn around and prostitute themselves to the studios who are making billions of dollars pedaling violence which affect our young people in ways that we are just beginning to understand.

Politicians jump at the chance to ban guns faster than the speed of dark in order to curry votes from the left and to further their own agendas. Why "Faster Than the Speed of Dark" you ask? The gun grabbers are attempting to usher in a dark era for America and it's lawful gun owners!

A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.   I fear a government that fears my guns.

It makes one wonder what our elected government would do without the threat of an armed citizenry? We are already slowly losing our rights bit by bit in the name of National Security and the War on Terrorism and the Patriot Act.

After 9/11, people were so angered by the attacks on our homeland that they voluntarily gave up their right to be secure in their lives from government eavesdropping and surveillance. Thank you Patriot Act! You have saved us!

One has to wonder if, in the end, terrorism is eradicated we will again be free from intrusions by the government? Will our individual rights be restored? Will the Patriot Act be revoked and nullified? I think we all know the answer to that. No government that gains so much power over it's citizenry will easily give it up. 

It will take massive legal action that will end up in the Supreme Court of the United States.

Other countries have gone the way of extreme gun control. Great Britain and Australia are two that come to mind. Both countries lost their rights to gun ownership following their own sad events that were similar to our Sandy Hook shooting. Their citizens were outraged that a thing such as this could happen, then blamed the violence on the guns. In the end, both countries lost their access to firearms. Did this cause an end to violent crime? No. Guns in the hands of criminals still exist. Violent crimes still plague both countries in excess of America's crime statistics.

Guns are not the perpetrators in any of these tragic events. Sadly, if a legally armed bystander had been present, these tragedies would never have occurred.

A gun, in and of itself - loaded with the safety off - will never hurt anyone. It is necessary for a person with ill intent, for whatever reason, to pick up that gun and discharge it at another.

That, my friends, is the bottom line. Anyone who cannot see and understand that fact is either an idiot or has their own nefarious agenda.

The Geezer has spoken!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, we all beat the odds!  The world didn't end on 12-21-12! I knew the Mayans had it wrong. They forgot to carry the one.

I stated before in a previous essay that the reason that 12-21-12 was chosen was because the Mayans just ran out of room on the big round rock!

2012 was a weird year here in the USA. We had a Presidential election that threatened to tear this country apart. There were very strong feelings on both sides of the issues.

I admit that I was one of those who had strong feeling about the way this country should go but apparently other, less intelligent voters, saw things differently than I.

There have been other things in the news besides the election. We had a few mass murders that hit the news. Most notably was the one in Colorado where a mentally deranged person shot it up in a movie theater and another mentally unstable person killed a classroom full of children.

Of course, as a result, the anti-gun idiots are having a field day! When are they going to understand that these killings cannot be blamed on the guns. This is a matter of security and mental health - or rather lack of mental health.

No person has ever been killed by a gun. I said it! I have loaded guns in my home and I'm here to tell you that not one of them in all of my many years has ever jumped from it's shelf and attacked me or my wife. Never!

For a gun to become a weapon, someone has to pick it up and use it with ill intent against another. Someone. Not the gun alone.

If guns are to be blamed for violence, then we'd have to blame forks for obesity and automobiles for drunk driving. The arguments that the anti-gunners use are ridiculous.

Many people cry, "There ought to be a law!".  There are laws - many of them. They are just not enforced until after the fact. Laws don't prevent crimes. Penalties will prevent crimes to a certain extent, but laws in and of themselves do not. Illegal drugs are, well... illegal. So apparently it's impossible to buy and use these drugs. Right? ...  Right?

No one ever says to themselves, I'd better not drive over the limit because it's against the law. They say I won't drive over the limit because if I get caught, I'll have to pay a hefty fine that I can't afford.

Laws are only good as a means to a punishment, not as a prevention. More people should recognize that fact.

Laws only persuade honest people from becoming criminals. In most cases, honest people don't even need laws because they'd act responsibly in any case.

If guns were to be banned by the government as they have been banned in Countries like Great Britain and Australia, and they were all confiscated, criminals would still find a way to arm themselves and prey on the honest folks who allowed their arms to be taken from them. This is not the way to combat the problem of mass shootings.

In Israel, and in Switzerland the populace is armed and their crime rates are some of the lowest in the world.

I mostly try to not editorialize in my blog, but at the close of this past year I realized that there were a few hot topics to talk about so this will be a rare exception to my self-imposed rule. See what I did there?  I'm breaking my own law!

We have a new year before us! We have a chance to make it a better one than the last one. We have a leader that is attempting to lead our country into Socialism and away from the vision that our Founding Fathers held for the future of this country. (If you disagree with my assessment, please tell me why in the comments section below ~ click on 'add comments' or 'no comments').

There is a quote by Henry Ford that I'll post here for your consideration: "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian".

"Liberty can have bad consequences"  Jerry Patterson

Happy New Year and Good day from the Geezer!