Saturday, April 27, 2013

Your Government at Work?

We've all seen or heard scathing reports and speeches about Big Government. Some are for it and others against it

Here are some thoughts on the subject...

As government grows the less it is able to do what it is supposed to do; the less effective it becomes. This is obvious if you take the trouble to look. When the government itself becomes aware of the problem, it (government) attempts to solve the problem by making the government bigger still. This just exacerbates the problem instead of solving it.

Unfortunately, there is an eager willingness, even a desire of the people to have the government solve their problems for them through the war on poverty, welfare reforms, food stamp programs, unemployment benefits and subsidies of various forms. This, however does not solve the people's problems - it merely adds to them.

Once a person or a family is a recipient of these government programs it

weakens them. It makes them dependent upon the government for their very
lives. Where once they were able to work if a job was available, they now couldn't (or wouldn't) work if a job was developed specifically for them. Being on the dole has been such an ingrained condition for far too many Americans many couldn't imagine any other kind of existence.

The government cannot solve your problems for you. To attempt to do so would prove to be disastrous.

The uneducated, poor and impoverished people want more government benefits regardless of the costs or consequences to them or to society. They believe that somehow the wealthy will pay for it all or that the money comes from the President's "Secret Stash".  This has been promised to the people by politicians past and present but it is always a lie.

I recently heard that over 20% of the citizens in this country receive Food Stamps or some other form of government assistance. That's one person in five! The really sad thing about this is that it's become common, so mainstream, that these folks are proud of the fact. There was a not-too-distant time when paying for your groceries with food stamps was seen as a shameful thing. People would shop at all-night grocery stores so that there would be less chance of your neighbor seeing you with a hand full of food stamps at the check-out counter. Times in this country are changing - and not for the better!

If something just doesn't seem "Fair" to folks, well, then, the government will
just change the rules or reset the goals. 

I have news for you. Life isn't "Fair". There are no guarantees in life. It is what you make of it. If you are comfortable watching TV all day while working taxpayers pay your way then you are the problem. I don't think it's "Fair" that I have to pay taxes so that you can sit on your asses all day drinking beer bought with food stamps. 

But then life isn't fair. The Declaration of Independence guarantees us several unalienable rights including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We all have life, those of you who are reading this. We have
liberty and we can pursue happiness. Just remember that there is no "Fair" involved in any of this. Sometimes Liberty can be a cruel mistress. It can be

Career politicians have lost sight of their roots; their understanding of the concerns of the people who voted them into office. The understanding of the concerns of their constituents is inversely proportional to the length of time they've been in office. Those who have spent several terms in office are now more concerned with their ability to remain in office and line their pockets than they are with doing the job that they originally went into politics to do. That in itself is a very good argument for across the board term limits.

Just how well does the government govern?

As government grows there is a tendency to "Cook the Books" to show the people just how good the politicians are doing their jobs for the country. The opposite, however, is usually the case as no government is effective at much of anything except raising taxes and increasing the wealth and power of the elected officials.

When the ruling political class find themselves in over their heads or have publicly painted themselves into a corner, the result is a quick and rampant
manipulation of the mainstream media.

The so-called news agencies are at the beck-and-call of their political masters. They spew the party line with barely believable explanations of whatever crisis is at hand. Especially if the crisis is of the politician's or government's own doing. Those in power are portrayed as being totally in control of the situation while in reality, they flounder about and often make the situation worse than it would have been had they just left it alone.

The mainstream media (MSM) is almost never neutral and will "Spin" the news in order to show favor to whomever is in office at the time. This has never been more evident since Barack Obama has been in office and during his first Presidential Campaign in 2008. The MSM catch-phrase has to be, "Never bite the hand that feeds you". Remember when you turned on the news and you actually heard unbiased reporting from the likes of Walter Winchell or Walter Cronkite? Remember when there were real investigative journalists like Edward R. Murrow or Woodward and Bernstein? It has been quite a while, hasn't it? The only news sources in the US that I even trust anymore is Fox News and The Blaze, and I'm really not that sure about Fox.

The Mainstream Media often introduces a dangerous level of political correctness as a way to debilitate or subdue any attempt at free speech of those who would question the motives of radical Muslims or "Islamists". Those who wish to speak out on sensitive subjects are labeled as being racist or bigots.

Supporters of tough immigration reforms are called racist regardless of the fact that tough reforms are necessary. Stating the need for tighter immigration controls is not racist. Race has nothing to do with it. This is a matter of National Security. None of the 9/11 terrorists (Sorry, NOT Freedom Fighters as some would label them), and the Boston Marathon bombers are natural born American Citizens. They
all came to this country through immigration. Had tougher rules and enforcement been in place, there may have been a different outcome. We'll never know and thousands of people are dead and injured because of this lack of enforcement and control.

What is becoming of our country? What has happened? I'm reminded of the story taught by my High School science teacher about how to cook a frog. It seems that if you drop a live frog into a pot of boiling water, the little bugger will just jump out. But if you put him into a pot of cold water and just gradually raise the temperature one degree at a time, he'll stay there until he's cooked and he'll never know what happened.

When we wake up one day and realize that gasoline is $10 a gallon and a loaf of bread costs $12 and our weekly paycheck only gets us to Thursday, what

are we going to do? When we realize that the only right left to us is Life and that Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness has flown out the window... what

When this happens, don't blame your government. Walk right into your bathroom (if you even have one by then), look in the mirror and blame that person. He or she is responsible for this because we just didn't care enough to call our elected officials or to join a political action group or inform ourselves about those who are running for office. 

We were more interested in an Obama Phone and food stamps than to make our voices heard. We were content to sit back and actually believe what we hear on the news without questioning what we know to be different. Call your TV station and demand unbiased and truthful reporting or make it clear to them that you will stop watching and boycott their sponsors. They WILL listen to THAT. For that matter, contact their sponsors directly and complain about their sponsorship of slanted and untruthful news.

Be warned that your taxes and party affiliation won't buy you a free ride over the hard times or make you somehow immune to the evils of government. It will not buy you safety in your home or of your possessions or of your person. Your government can't protect you. Your personal and financial safety is your responsibility. It is up to you.

Whatever your government gives you, it can and will take it away at a moment's notice. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Whatever you have been given for "Free" isn't really free. Someone, somewhere paid for it.

It was probably me.

You're welcome.

Sometimes it's a burden being The Geezer!

EDIT: 4/28/13 -

I have been reminded by a friend that I forgot to mention the big bank bailouts and corporate bailouts. There's also the government donations of OUR money to the so-called "Green Industries" such as Solyndra and Fiskers.

Billions and maybe even Trillions (if you add them all together) of dollars - our money, by the way, have been used to bail out banks that were floundering in an unstable economy as well as corporations such as GM that have received bail-out money so that they could continue to function - from our wonderful government. Then the Green companies, and there are a lot of them, have been given - GIVEN - with no required pay back - billions of dollars of OUR money. Many of these corporations have gone bankrupt or gone out of business. So where has our money gone? Guess!

These greenies went into business to make money, not for some altruistic motive of helping to save the planet. For profit. Can you really blame them then when our government gives them more money than they were ever expecting to make through their ventures. Why bother to even try? Why bother to make good on their mission statement of helping the environment when they can just stop what they're doing, take the money and run? Why work for millions when the government is giving you BILLIONS?

As to the bail-outs. You can bet that the mom and pop grocery store at the corner isn't going to get a "Bail-Out" from Uncle Sam if they fail in a shaky economy, so why do we sit still as the government throws away OUR money?

These needy corporations are big boys and have a lot of accountants and lawyers on staff. They should know better than to fall into a financial hole without the means to pull themselves out. If they can't manage their resources better than that, they deserve to fail!

The progressive socialist government we have just doesn't realize that the money they waste isn't theirs. It's OURS!

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