Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Administration Under Fire

Well, it seems that our Fearless Leader's administration is coming under fire from all sides.

There is the Benghazi scandal. Who knew what and when did they know it? After the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others in Benghazi, Libya, the administration claimed that the attack was in response to a You-Tube video that almost no one has even seen. Then they claimed that this was a terrorist attack when it became obvious that the administration was lying through it's teeth to the American public and the world at large.

There were the famous "Stand Down" orders but no one is sure who issued them and no one is coming clean on anything. Everyone, from the president on down is covering their respective asses.

Now the whistle blowers are beginning to get every one's attention and things are finally coming to light.

In the meantime we have four Americans who are still dead and are crying out
for justice.

I have heard rumors that the entire event was a set-up. Ambassador Stevens was supposed to be taken hostage by AlQueda then exchanged for guns for AlQueda and the Muslim Brotherhood (even though we don't deal with terrorists). The small security detail was ordered to "Stand Down" so that the hostage could be taken cleanly. Unfortunately for the administration, the former SEALS disregarded the stand down order and put themselves in harm's way to rescue the Ambassador.

When it was obvious that a firefight was in play, other units were told to stand down. The administration didn't want the operation to escalate. It was still possible that the Ambassador could be taken alive. No one counted on the dedication to duty of the former SEALS. God bless them!

We'll see where all this ends up.

Next on the list are the IRS scandals. It seems that the IRS has targeted several groups like the Tea Party and other Patriot groups for close scrutiny. The IRS has been demanding to see membership lists, phone lists etc. from these groups... all against the law.

The IRS has also been targeting American Jewish groups for scrutiny demanding that they explain why they are backing Israel, what their politics are, who their members are and lists of their phone numbers. They have been delving deeply into these organizations. Way beyond what the law allows.

The IRS is also targeting in the same way the Associated Press (AP) by using

government surveillance assets to access and record telephone conversations in order to find the AP's news sources. Wow. Sounds ethical to me! You know that they're on the administration's "Enemy List".

I can only imagine what their goal is. What I cannot imagine is that the Administration is not involved in these inquiries. We'll see...

Our Administration is being questioned by the British over several insults to them by Fearless Leader. The USA refused to send an emissary to the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, The "Iron Lady" of British politics.

The British are incensed about comments from Fearless Leader supporting Argentina over the Brits in the matter of the Falkland Islands. Way to support your best ally, Mr. President!

There have been other insults and slights toward the British since 2009. Even though we, here in America aren't paying much attention to them, be assured that the British ARE! Should it be necessary to ask for support from the British people and government - you can wager that all these will be considered most critically.

It seems that Barack Obama's brother has started a somewhat shady non-profit foundation. His application for non-profit status was approved within thirty days and made retro-active to the beginning. Other qualified foundations have to wait as long as three years to be granted not-for-profit status from the government and they are seldom made retro-active. I wonder how this happened? Surely Fearless Leader couldn't have had a hand in this? Say it isn't so!

Did you know that there are six positions in the White House and in the administration that are filled with members of the Muslim Brotherhood? I don't suppose that they have any influence over how the President conducts business on behalf of the American People. Surely not.

The heads of three Network News organizations have a husband, wife or brother in the Obama administration. It seems that these news organizations have a slightly different take on what they present as the News, wouldn't you say?

Our Fearless Leader is a real piece of work. He has freely admitted to his background as a radical socialist, a drug user (At least the drugs he used didn't affect our President) and an adherent to the teachings of Saul Alinsky, a known radical socialist.

During the summer of 2008, I read an article in Newsweek written by a reporter who traveled with Obama on his campaign bus. One sentence struck me as odd: The reporter stated that he was impressed with Obama because with all the stress of his campaign, he (Obama) always remained remarkably 'Serene'. I'm thinking that he was either clueless or self medicated (see above paragraph).

Had even one of these thing been associated with a white Presidential candidate, the press would have torn him apart. If you don't believe me, think back to the campaign of Bill Clinton and his claims that "I didn't inhale" when it became known that he had smoked marijuana in college. Clinton, if you will remember, is a Democrat. For all that, he was a pretty decent President.

What is it about Obama that make people think that he's such a great man? His skin color? If so, that's just racist. It certainly isn't his experience. He was a community organizer. If you don't know, that is someone who organizes political rallies, protests and get out the vote drives (as long as you're voting the way he tells you). 

He was an Illinois State Senator who won his state election under some controversy. During his term, he ran for the US Senate and won that race (controversial campaign). 

Then while in the first term, he ran for President of the USA. (He can't really seem to keep a job!) During that campaign he made many promises. None of which have come to pass. 

Once in office he took a trip and bowed down to Muslim leaders, then apologized for America and her policies against the Middle East. He ignored Israel completely.

He later took a trip to Israel and basically insulted them by telling them they should embrace the Palestinians, because they were wonderful people.
He is now in his second term and I still have no idea how he's doing it. It can't be because of his masterful skills as President. As far as I can see, he still doesn't have a clue what he's doing. He doesn't know how to govern. Since becoming President he's done nothing but campaign. That, and play golf and take vacations on the public dime.

He recently went to Mexico and told the Mexican

president that their problems were all America's fault... from guns to creating a market for illegal drugs. All our fault! Tell that to the dead Border Patrol agents who guard our sovereign borders!

From reading this, you might get the idea that I'm against the Presidency. I'm not. I'm just against

Obama and his anti-American ideals. It seems to me that the man has no idea what it means to be a patriot, to be an American. He has no observable pride in his country nor does he have any allegiance to the American People. He does seem to be in it for himself and takes every opportunity to live the high-life on the backs of the American taxpayer.

"Any President worthy of the office, when placed upon the altar of freedom, will gladly sacrifice himself for the good of his country" ...
                                 The Geezer

Our current President is doing just the opposite.

But I'm just a Geezer... and this is just my opinion.

So... I could be wrong...  but I doubt it.


  1. Geezer, I have to give you props on this one! Nice essay. Keep up the fight!


    1. Thank you, sir! I appreciate the kind words.

      It's nice to know that I have loyal friends.

  2. Man, you still bashin my man obamma. Why you dont jus leave him alone? He aint don nuthin to you. He trying his best so jus leave him be!

    1. I'll "leave him be" when he leaves office. The sooner the better.

      It seems that he's doing almost everything he can to make it sooner.

  3. You are on a roll, just get a chalk board and some tissues now.....


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