Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia Law, Arab Spring... and all the rest of the Islamic terms and 'catch phrases' that we've all seen and heard in the papers and on the news in the past couple of years.

How many of us understand and really know what we're hearing and seeing? Do we really understand all of this?

In recent weeks we've been bombarded with news stories about the revolution in Egypt, AlQueda in the middle-east, atrocities in Syria and the nuclear threat from Iran.  Terrible stories, all!

But do we really understand?

I want to focus on 'Sharia Law' which is the religious law of Islam. It is very strict by Western standards. It favors the men of Islam and subjugates Islamic women. If an Islamic man accuses his wife or a female member of his family of virtually any crime, the woman or girl has no defense at all. She is at the mercy of the man and his sense of 'Honor' within the family. She has virtually no rights of her own.

When a Radical Muslim man takes offense at something a woman or girl in his family says or does, he takes his retribution out on her by using a knife or battery acid on the woman's face. For extreme offenses, the female may be beheaded. An extreme offense may be nothing more than ridiculing a man in public or in front of his friends or associates or something as terrible as blasphemy - speaking against Allah or Mohammad.

There are many in the United States who would like to see Sharia Law be implemented here. Are you kidding me? 

The terrible thing about this is that many in our government, both Federal and State, are leaning toward this concept. There is already a movement to make it against the law to ridicule the Islamic Prophet, Mohammad. It would be a 'hate crime' to do so. This is very hard to take considering the freedoms of speech that we enjoy in this country. 


What is happening to our First Amendment rights of free speech? Lawmakers are afraid of the repercussions from Radical Islam if we fail to enact this law. They'd better be more afraid of us if they do enact this law.

You ask yourself, "What would be so wrong with having a mandatory religious code based upon morals and honor"?  Well, Christians already have such a code, although it's certainly not mandatory, thanks to our Bill of Rights. It's called the 'Ten Commandments'. Most of our laws covering public and private behavior are based upon these ten rules.

Let's take a look at how this is working out in predominantly Muslim nations.

Warning!  Graphic Content!

The following photos are of Muslim women who displeased their husbands or their communities. Not having committed any other crime other than making their male family members feel less manly, less in charge, less respected.

Keep in mind that Real MANLY men committed these acts of horrible violence:

I'm sure her husband feels more manly now!

Before and after - She must have been really bad

What could this girl have possibly done to deserve this?

Well, she probably talked back to her husband in public. Made him feel foolish.

Servers her right. Right?
She feels like she was lucky to have been spared her Husband's wrath

What kind of life will this girl have now?

Is she thanking Allah for his mercy that her Husband loved her enough to keep her alive? 

Or is she wishing that she had died?

How would you feel having to spend the rest of your life looking like this?
You can tell that this woman was once very attractive

Who, in our country would do this to someone they claim to love?

Obviously a bright, attractive girl. Ruined for life

This little girl must have really made her father (or Husband) angry.

She must have been listening to Western music on her i-Pod.
At least this woman has her son to care for her

These photos are difficult to look at. I know that.

This is a graphic indication of the hateful, animalistic and warped sense of justice that comes with Sharia Law.

If Muslims treat their loved ones in this manner to uphold their self-importance and their manhood. If they truly feel that these actions represent the dictates of their God and their culture... then I want none of it.

This is their religion. This is how they're taught to behave in a modern society.

Do we really need Sharia Law to slowly creep into OUR society?

This is not just a protester's sign - It's what they truly believe!

Surely she deserved this

I sincerely apologize for making you look at these photographs. They are truly horrendous!

I felt that you needed to see the true faces of Sharia Law as interpreted by Radical Islamists. This is what a lot of people in this country are considering. They say, well, it can't be that bad!

Yeah.... It's that bad.

This is what we have to face if we lose the war against terrorism, against Radical Islamists!

Just so you understand, not all followers of Islam believe this way and not all followers of Islam condone these atrocities. Just the members of the radical sects, such as the Wahabbi sect, mostly from Saudi Arabia and their ilk.

It seems to me that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists seem to be Muslims. 

Whenever we see this subject come up in the news - Speak Up! If we sit back and believe that it will never happen here... it can't happen to us... we will find ourselves right in the thick of it.

All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good people to sit idly by and do nothing. It CAN happen here.

I have no clever comment to end this. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you feel that it will help, feel free to tell your friends about this and direct them here so that they may see this for themselves.

Geezer ... out.