Sunday, March 16, 2014

Signs of the Times!

You know, I'm getting pretty upset with the way things seem to be going here lately. Here's a few reasons why.

The so-called "Income Inequality" issue that's being debated in Congress. 

Ronald Reagan once commented (and I'm paraphrasing here) that A Democrat sees a fat man and a skinny man standing on the street and believes that the fat man got that way by stealing the skinny man's food.

It seems that our Progressive Democrat friends in Congress believe that very thing. They want to tax and take away from the wealthy then give the money to the folks on welfare. You know,the folks who are out of work so that they can pursue their dreams of writing poetry or
painting. I'll bet they have dreams of having a job and eating, too.

Anyway, by adding more taxes and fees and other financial obligations on the rich to finance the government's giveaway programs because it's "fair" is really a crock!

When a person goes to college or studies to learn a trade, then leverages that training and knowledge into a business then making that business successful through hard work so that he or she can provide for their future and make a nice life for themselves, well, that's the American Dream. The fact that if you work hard and apply yourself, you can become successful. 

But then Uncle Sam comes along and sees that you have an "unfair" advantage over the poor, the lazy, the welfare rats and the otherwise unfortunate that the government allows to live on the tax dollar of those who actually work for a living. The government takes from the rich, keeps a big chunk for themselves and gives the rest to the "poor". Yeah, that's "fair" all right!

The only problem with this concept is that life ISN'T "fair". It never has been. Fairness only comes into play in organized sports and board games.

So, they say, what about where it says that all men are created equal. Huh? Well, it's true that I believe that all men ARE created equal... but from that point forward, what you do with your life, what you choose to become, is up to you. Some succeed and some fail. Is it up to those who succeed to foot the bill for the failures? No, it's not... unless they want to voluntarily donate to help the less fortunate. It's called charity and it's voluntary.

Life would become so much simpler if the word "fair" was removed from our language.

What the government proposes is something akin to Robin Hood, except that
the government keeps most of your "donation" so that they can give it away to countries who don't like us. And they still don't like us, but they are more comfortable hating us... Don't get me started on THAT!

Back to Income Inequality... If the government makes he wealthy pay higher taxes, the businesses lay off workers to foot the bill, causing more unemployment. That, or they raise prices to cover the loss. Unless they sell something that is indispensable to the buyer, their sales will go down and they risk losing their income. That, or the business will just cease to exist
because the cost of doing business is too great. 

Rather than take this path, how about the government just put a hard limit on welfare programs which will make the would-be artists and poets go out and get jobs? There WILL be jobs if this is done, because businesses will have more money to operate with. They will expand their operations and train new employees to fill the vacancies. Prices will go down since there will be a lot of lower incomes being generated out of necessity, for a few years. This means that suppliers of food and other consumables will have to sell their wares in greater volume rather than higher prices to meet the demand.

The problem is, that politicians will not vote for this because it will make them look bad to the voters and they won't be able to keep their cash-cow jobs in congress. They would lose their power. like stuffing Superman's shorts with Kryptonite.

The problem is a never-ending one, but they way it's being approached is just wrong because it robs all concerned of their INCENTIVE. If there's no payday, why do it at all?

Police Overreaction to routine events has really gotten out of hand lately. Recently, a 70 year old man was shot at a roadside because the officer
thought the man's cane was a shotgun. It seems that the police are getting spooked by the littlest things. Not everyone is out to kill you. They need to take a step back, take a deep breath and ask themselves what the heck is going on before they start shooting. Before you start saying, "You just don't understand..." yeah, I really DO. I served for fifteen years as a Sheriff's Deputy and a Police officer. You guys need to dial it back a notch... okay?

Reducing the size of our military is NOT a good thing right now. Not with the
nimrod we have as Commander in Chief of the military. Everyone believes that this guy is so smart, but it's obvious that the only clue he has is that Colonel Mustard did it in the kitchen with a candlestick. The US foreign policy is in tatters and the reputation we have earned on the international stage is somewhere between Somalia and New Guinea.

Things are starting to irritate me more and more. I either have to stop watching the news or get a hobby, like making Molotov cocktails... yeah, be a bartender!

Keep smiling everyone. If you don't, you'll start crying.

"Knock knock"
"who's there"
"Crimea who..."

"Crimea river!"

See ya next time. Geezer... out!