Sunday, June 15, 2014

Waiting Sucks - Part Two

If you haven't already, please read 'Waiting Sucks'  the post just previous to this one.

I'm doing a 'Part Two' for one reason. I need money!

My wife's doctor has upgraded her status from 'stage 4' to 'end stage' cirrhosis. This means that without a liver transplant, she will certainly die.

To top things off, her doctor wants us to move to the Salt Lake City, Utah area. This will keep my wife close to her doctor, but more important, close to the University of Utah Hospital where the transplant surgery will be performed in the event that a donor liver becomes available.

Ula in the ICU of Salt Lake Regional Medical Center

Nevermind that we live in rural Nevada on a rather small income. Move to the big city! Now! How can we not do this, given the consequences?

The fact is, we don't have the financial resources to make the move. We are contacting the State of Utah about affordable housing subsidies and assistance with our financial responsibilities. 

We have good health insurance, thankfully, but it doesnt pay for everything.

So here's the plan - we've started a page on a website that raises funds for medical and related expenses. This site allows those interested to make anonymous donations as well as leave messages and words of encouragement. 

The website is:

Go to the site. On the opening page there is a search box in the top right corner. In this box, enter: "Ula's Liver Transplant Fund". This will take you to our page. Click or tap on the photo to go to the full fund description. From this point you can make a donation, leave a "Hug" (a short message) or view the messages others have left.

If you check this out and can't donate, that's okay. We appreciate the fact that you took the time to check it out. Please remember this site and tell your friends, church groups and families. Perhaps they'll feel moved to donate.  In any case, your prayers are always appreciated!

Geezer. Out!

6/21/14 - Update: 

Ula is scheduled to be released from the physical therapy/rehab hospital on Monday, 6/23/14. We will be staying at a cousin's house in the area while we search for a permanent place for us to live while waiting for the liver transplant.

I would like it if readers of this blog would use the following line as their signature line in all of your emails:

Ula's Liver Transplant Fund -

This is a direct link to her fundraising page at If those who do this are asked about it, it would be a great opportunity to explain what it is all about. Someone may feel moved to make a contribution to help save a life. Not just any life - my wife's life. 

She is very dear to me. Before this happened to us, I wouldn't have ever dreamt of going to the public asking for money. Now, I've become shameless. I will do anything to save her life.

Please help me do this.

Thanks. GEEZER


  1. Steve, I can't tell you how sad this makes me feel! You've given so much to others and now it's time for others to give to you.

    We hope Ula pulls through with flying colors! I'll tell my friends of your fundraising website.


    1. Thank you George. This has really been a nightmare for us. We were/are ill prepared for what is becoming a catastrophic illness.

      We are between a rock and... another rock with no way out, except through the kindness of others.


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